Mikes and Rich's photos from Africa

Trucks in the Desert - somewhere in the Sahara
Roughing it in W. Africa - Intercontinental Hotel, Bamako, Mali
Rich asleep on the wall of the truck - crash site, burkina faso
Crash! - Burkina Faso
Arr, well 'ard. The lads after ripping the roof off the truck.
Rambo and Sister living off the land - ghana
Boys playing at art house photos - Ghana
Frantic Mud Action! Fnarr. Cameroon
Boys climbing Mt Cameroon
Mikes birthday at 13000 feet - Mt. Cameroon
A spot of cooking - christ knows (Nigeria I think)
Mike lifting the truck... - Nigeria
... and what it looked like inside
The gang - Congo
Awww, init cute! Lion Cub, Vic Falls
Mike being attacked by vicious lions - Vic Falls

Photos after the overland trip
Normal situation with car - Nairobi, Kenya
Landy! Maasai Mara, Kenya
Cap'n Mike, Yacht Race, Dar es Salaam
not to mention First Mate Richie Rich
Beautiful Boys aren't they?
Godfather Mike - Film Set, Harare, Zimbabwe
Mike doubling as signwriter - Harare, Zimbabwe

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