Step by step instructions to delete Windows 95/98


I suggest printing this page out because unless you are using a nonWindows Webrowser at the moment most likely you will not be able to reference this for help.

Deleting Windows will most likely destroy several files and programs. I have done this several times when Windows was giving me major problems. Reinstalling Windows takes a long time and so does finding and reinstalling all the Windows programs that you were using perviously. I suggest you do this only if you don't mind if a few documets and files get destroyed.

To get rid of Windows:

  1. Restart your computer
  2. Repeatedly press F8 until you get a small table of choices
  3. Select "Dos Prompt"
  4. Wait until your computer finishes booting up
  5. Type in the following commands one at a time in sequence

  1. copy c:\windows\command\deltree.exe c:\
  2. deltree /y c:\windows
  3. deltree /y c:\progra~1

Now you have deleted Windows 95/98 from your system
Congradulations and way to go!

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