intangible oddities

Hello; please come inside my home here on the web and make yourself comfortable. :)

I go by many names on the web and elsewhere ('Pistons' being most common), so doubtless those of you who know me will be relieved to know that you've come to the right place.

I have quite a few interests, links to which you will find scattered throughout my site. Some of them go to other places on the web, and some of them will lead you to something I myself have expressed or created. Wherever you go, I hope you find something that either makes you laugh or inspires you in some way.

I've changed the look and layout of this site yet again, so I don't think I'll bother with my usual disclaimer of "things will never be entirely finished". Just never be surprised at anything I do (unless you like surprises), and things will be just fine. ;)

Check back for updates at your leisure, because I usually post them at mine. :P

At this time, my pages should look approximately the same in Netscape 4.0+, Netscape 6.0+, and IE 5.5+ (I've checked). The only difference is that Netscape 4.0+ won't do underlines on hover, so those of you still with that browser aren't missing a lot. Still - upgrade! I'm using stylesheets and Javascript from now on very unapologetically, and the most current browsers support them correctly.

Logo, photos and layout are all mine. Other graphics, except where noted, are taken from the public domain. Thou shalt not steal. Karma can be a bitch. Just don't do it, 'kay?

I will be changing my website sometime within the next month (June '05), and some things may disappear or be shuffled elsewhere. Just a warning.