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Shocking Art

Check out my interactive portfolio! WARNING: This is a 570K file. At 28.8 that’ll mean about 3 minutes! Please be patient while it loads. You’re browser must be Netscape Navigator 2.0 or higher and you need Macromedia’s Shockwave plug-in to view it.

Celtic Music

Listen to cuts from some great traditional Celtic music. You will need the RealAudio plug-in at 28.8 to hear these clips. For those of you at 14.4, sorry. It’s just that I didn’t think that the sound of someone simultaneously gargling a fiddle and scrubbing out a toilet made for much in the way of listening. Send hate mail to address below or come up with better sound compression software at slower speeds.

Julia Delaney’s (69K)
This is Eileen Ivers playing a traditional Irish tune in a not so traditional way. It is from her first solo album entitled simply Eileen Ivers, Traditional Irish Music. She is an incredibly hot player and this is a great album. Not for strict traditionalists though. Check it out.

Pigeon on the Gate (144K)
The legendary Kevin Burke playing a great old standard unaccompanied. This is from a live recording called The Celtic Fiddle Festival which also features Johnny Cunningham and Christian Lemaitre. More great fiddling than you can shake a stick at.

Schottisch du Stockfisch (141K)
From Ad Vielle Que Pourra’s first album, New French Folk Music. Traditional instruments used to play new folk songs in non-traditional settings. Hurdy gurdy, bouzouki, bombardes, Flemish pipes and on. Unique Breton sounds from this Canadian group.

An Grianán/Horse with a Heart (153K)
From Altan’s 1989 album Horse with a Heart. One of my favorite groups.

Tommy Peoples/The Windmill/Fintan McManus's (189K)
Altan again. From their album Island Angel. This is a great set.

All these albums and artists are put out by Green Linnet Records.

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