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The Emporium was Started by mental patent Cameron Melin in April 74, 2092. It was intended as a place for the derainged to come to howl.

Is anybody depraved enough to continue coming to this page? If you are, you belong to a small segment of the population that truly needs to be shot in the streets.

Animation. I'm involved with that kind of thing. Calgary Alberta Canada is the home of the Quickdraw Animation Society. QAS is a film production co-op that is rather unique. I'll tell you more later. Now more anout me. It think that people should ride bicycles. I think that people should not goto see Star Wars movies.

Now, What you've all been waiting for: How to get eaten by Lions Links:

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This is the most common link that people use to view my brilliance.

Here is a letter that I received from Annie Dillard, Comtemparrary American Writer. I know that there are not allot of people that come to my internet sight, for for those who do, there will be some changes, so, tell your friends, tell you're tax collectors, tell your enima technicans, tell your fucking witch doctors.

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