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Queer By Choice! believes that everyone has the right to choice in their personal relationships. Who's business is it to tell you how to live your life? Gender shouldn't matter to anyone but you and the people you fall in love with. If you're happy with it, then nobody else has the right to question that.

Much has been made of studies that have been conducted these past few years which aim to prove a genetic predisposition to one sexual orientation or another. Frankly, we could care less. What does it matter if you were born queer or choose to be queer? Aside from that, saying that people are only queer because their genes give them no choice in the matter seems to be a fairly disempowering point of view. You can and should be what you want to be.

Queer By Choice! is one way to show that you believe in every person's right to determine their own orientation. Joining Queer By Choice! is free. Simply save the QBC! logo at the top and bottom of this page. (It is a GIF - to save it, click in the middle of it with your right mouse button.) Then put it on your webpage as a link to this page. You can precede it with the words "Become a member of" or simply "Join" if you want to, or just use the GIF alone as the link...no real rules here! The current GIF is a transparent image and will show up equally well on dark or light page backgrounds (unless your page is bright red or bright yellow.) Anyone who wants to create new QBC! icons may do so, but please let me know about it so we can put them on here for others to use as well.

When you join, email me and, if you like, I will put in a link to your page on this page. Let's tell the world that each of us can be whoever we want to be, and that it's really nobody's business but our own.

Question Conformity! Make your own rules!

Other People Who Have Joined QBC!

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Alex has also made a cool new animated QBC! logo you can use on your page!

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