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Melhi 101

My personal homepage. A spoof on the term "ego site." Contains more about me than anyone needs or wants to know, some poetry and parody samples, photos, a little about my 15 minutes of Snapple fame, etc. The site is rarely updated, but feel free to nose into my business, that's what it's there for.

Monkees 101 (formerly The Monkees Mailing List and Resource Site)

Includes info about The Monkees Mailing List (the original and largest Monkees e-mail discussion forum on the net,) the official Monkees FAQs (with complete discography, film/videography, episode guide and more!) Monkees specific netspeak, where to get Monkees merchandise, info about fan clubs, other Monkees forums, etc.

You can also:
Check out my liberal/progressive Melhi Ink blog
Browse my original liberal, libertine, skate, edge, humor and other designs availabe on tees and gifts available in my Melhi Ink stores - CafePress and PrintFection
Read my poem "In Your Eyes" in Chicken Soup For The Mother Daughter Soul.

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