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Amphicar?: The Car that Swims!

"Well, it's as good a place as any to start...
...particularly for folks with webbed toes"--Web Journal

This zone is for loading and unloading Amphicars only

"Under Construction?" Yeah. Sure. We're under construction...like a Slobovian highway is under construction. I'm sorry folks, but even though I've already got the photos for it all 'pegged up, it's looking like I may NEVER actually get around to cobbling together that elegant and definitive HYPNO-SYNCHRONOUS CHICKENDOM HOME PAGE which I had planned for this spot. Were I not such a lazeabout, the world would at last see DOCUMENTED PROOF of that tenuous socio-clairvoyant connection, the para-synchronous l-i-n-k-a-g-e-s if you will, between comparable events which, first affecting the realm of Chickendom, then irrevocably determine analogous trends in HUMAN society!


Our two species ARE linked arm-in-claw in a SHADOWY DEATH MAZURKA of tragedy and suffering! Soon one will be able in one place to behold the grandeur of the boldly-plumed AZTEC ROOSTERS in their first encounter with the Conquistador Cortez. Here witness the the bloodsoaked 19th century reign of terror of the SAWTOOTHED CIRCUS GEEKS presaging America's own Civil War. Finally, learn the dark secrets of the FOWL HYPNOTISTS and SQUAB MESMERISTS of the doomed German Weimar Republic, whose "mindclouding" crafts, first turned upon chickens, presaged the mass hypnotic appeal of the murderous HITLER and the FORCES OF DARKNESS which led to the DEATHS OF MILLIONS! Until then, what follows will simply remain a bunch of useful research links, occult freebies, and other quirky diversions such as information about Amphicars and the buoyant lifestyles of those who drive them. Amphicar? The car that swims!...Enjoy!

Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend...Inside of a dog it's just too dark to read

Other entertaining & useful WWWeb knots

"Getting the poot"...A shortlist of info sources:

Amphicar MetaCrawler...Easy to use and perhaps the BEST single internet search tool.
amphicars More Handy Search Engines...Hundreds. All very nicely arranged.
AMPHICAR A straight shot into the Library of Congress Catalogs.
amphicars Where the spooks roam...Please don cloak & dagger before entering
amphi car Where do librarians go when they're stumped? STUMPERS-L...Realm of the Wombats

Mystical & Romantic Freebies:

amphibious auto Send Free Flowers..well "virtually" anyhow...
amphibian car Can't find the words? How about a computer-assisted email love letter?
aquacar Free Astrological Readings...Many "sample" reports to choose from!
amphicar Free Tarot Card Readings!
amphicars A rose by any other name? Try the Anagram Generator!

The Amazing Amphicar!:

Amphicar.net NEW! AMPHICAR.NET! A free harbor on the 'Net for the "webtoed motorist."
amsoil synthetic lubricants for amphicars The AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants for Amphicars Catalog. Get the very best!
amphicar repair and restoration East Coast Amphicar: Master Amphicar mechanic Billy Syx will fix you up here.
amficar Our Web-toed Comrade Mohammed Yahia goes for a little drive...into the Persian Gulf!
amphicar owner Mike Israel's Amphicar Harbor is coming together great!
amphicar David Chapman...First he drives on the wrong side of the road, and then straight into the river!
Marc's Amphicar Site Visit Marc Schlem's Extensive Amphicar website.
AmphiCar Homepage of the International Amphicar Club.
amphicar Click here to see a full-frontal shot of Rupręcht with his "Old Buoy" hanging out.
amphicar pix Click here to witness a common Amphicar "road hazard"
amphicar photos GREAT Amphicar photos...Thanx and a tip o' the hat to Mr. Vadim ("Steppin' Out") Stepanov.
amphicar bilge pump How to hook up an automatic backup bilge pump for your Amphicar
amphicar winterization How to "winterize" your Amphicar
amphicar repair LOTS of great Amphicar photos here
amphicars Manfred in Germany offers great Amphicar info & pix...zwar aber auf Deutsch.

...but you can translate chunks of it into English by clicking here and hitting [Translate]!
amphicar for sale An Amphicar for sale! This "Project Amphi" needs real work, but it's all there and "do-able"

Another "Mystic Chicken Page" and some other links:

amphicars Yet another Psychic Chicken Page by another Ruprecht whose pharmacist also can't do decimals.
amphicar And what's the story with THESE people? Why do they link themselves to Rupręcht, Eh?
amphi car Click here for Tatiana's English Learning Page.
amphib auto The Russian-American Couples' Support & Info Page.
amphicar fauna The Toy Fox Terrier Butt Home Page. That's right: Dog butts. Enjoy.
amphicar chat Here's a fuss-free out-of-the-way "Chat Nook". Needs no special setup!
amphicar spawn Q. Just who IS Victor Vadim Connelly?

You are NOT supposed to see this...

Well, that's all she...I mean me...that's all I wrote. Goodnight Comrade Wolverina... OK...OK...So here's a sneak peek of me driving my car into the Mohawk River with some of my amphibian buddies, followed by an actual documentary photograph of a Chicken Hypnotist at work!:

AMPHICARS!...Into the river at full speed!

Do you smoke after sex? I dunno, never looked...

You are feeling extra crispy!

chicken hypnotist Well, OK...Click here to see more pix of other Weimar-era Chicken Hypnotists.

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