Hannah's Hunks Cover

Make 'em laugh...
Make 'em cry...
Make 'em beg for more...


. . . . . . . . . has it all!

Harlequin ** Love & Laughter
April 1997 ** ISBN# 0-373-44018-9

He never stood a chance!


Begin with a sleepy small town
Add Hannah Hart, a whimsical caterer who can't cook
Include a lot of eccentric townspeople
Add a nefarious crime ring
Bring to a quick boil

Then throw in Chance McCoy,
. . . secret agent extraordinaire

Mix well
Let the situation simmer a few weeks,
. . . until sexual tension explodes
When it's done, you should end up with one hilariously happy couple
If not, poke them with a toothpick!

"HANNAH'S HUNKS is a light and lively confection...if you're ready to laugh... then you're in for a delicious treat. Hannah's one of the most ingenuous and engaging heroines I've met in a long time. I was charmed." Linda Mowery, The Romance Reader

"Fans of Susan Elizabeth Phillips will not want to miss HANNAH'S HUNKS. Bonnie Tucker has written a book that is not only funny, but sweet and hot. While her love scenes sizzle and burn, they are also sentimental and romantic. Very rarely can readers get evertyhing they want in one book. HANNAH'S HUNKS is one of those books." Gina Gomez, reviewer - The Book Corner

"Sexy, sassy romance. Delightfully funny and warm. Bonnie Tucker makes a splashing debut. Sure to find a place on everyone's keeper shelf." Yvonne Hering, AOL Book Reviews

"A fun-filled, sexy, and madcap look at modern love. The sweetness in this book is sugar-free!" Susan Wiggs, author of Miranda (8/96) and Merry Christmas, Baby(11/96)

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