"We like Pratt Falls--You will, too!"


And now, a message to you from our mayor:

Jerry Mander

We here in Pratt Falls are always looking to find new ways

to generate interest in our little community.


So Principal Lotta Lard over at the high school told me about

this here Inter-net, & then the city council decided that maybe

we should try out one of these home page dealies, just to see

how it all works.


Incidently, you may have noticed in the above picture that

I am wearing a disguise.


The Pratt Falls City Attorney has advised me to appear like this,

just in case there is a death squad out there somewhere,

that might want to make an example of me to the world.

I understand that sometimes even foreigners can make it

all the way over here to the U.S. of A., just by using

one of these computer jobbies, and then hooking up

to one of our satellites and fiber optic lines or whatnot.

If you happen to be one of these aliens I am referring to,

I want to welcome you to this slice of our life, and I am

in a position to assure you, that you will be treated here

the same as our regular American customers.


(But say, if you're one of these space aliens

we keep hearing about)

You buzz off now, and go back where you came from, Buddy!


However, if one of you foreigners likes what you read here

about our town, and you decide that maybe you want to

join us real-permanent-like, just make sure you bring

that little green card along with you.


But if you're one of these here undocumented aliens,

you might as well not even bother coming, because

our Police Chief Chet Davis will just run you off, anyhow.


to take a walk-around look at our Pratt Falls environs.

Or clickHERE

to reenact the Battle of Pratt Falls,

in which we 'whup' the Injuns.

Then click HERE

to find out how we are building the Pratt Falls of the future!

Thank you for letting us show you our home town:

"A place that doesn't know the meaning of the word 'recession'"--

Jerry Mander, mayor


Maybe that's because this Pratt Falls

is still recovering from the Depression!


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"If I couldn't live in Mayberry, then I'd move to Pratt Falls!" --Sheriff Andy Taylor

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We like Pratt Falls--You will, too!

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