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Welcome... my background site : NOW over 3 years and renovated :)
This is a


Over 300 FREE backgrounds!!!

Information about the site

Other stuff
On this site I will show you some of the backgrounds,
that exists on the INTERNET. (I have made some my self!)

When you serf around on this site remember,
that if you push an image you will come to a test-page,
where you can see if the image is the right for you!

All of theese backgrounds are free, but if you download an image,
please send me an e-mail,
with your name and the address to your homepage.
And you will get one more visitor to your page!:-)

How to copy an image
The instructions for copying a graphic apply to Netscape, Internet Explorer, and NCSA Mosaic for Windows.
To copy a graphic:

Move your cursor over the graphic.

Press the right mouse button.

Choose Save this Image As from the pop-up menu.

Click on Save or OK button to save the image.
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Small history of this page

since 16/06/98

Created: 28/09/96
By: Oskar Söder
Updated: 07/12/98 (2004, jan)


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