The Library of Mythic Threads
From the Dawn of time we came,
moving silently down the centuries...
		-Remirez, Highlander

Throughout the ages things have moved just beyond the sights of mortal mean. The tapestry of all was woven with a fine needle, connecting all things together - rocks, waters, animals, and men all one, and within the weaving of each thread lurked the workings of these beings; lived the mysteries of ancient god; lived adventure.
Here on my shelves may you find the tales of these happenings, as well as those who involve themselves in a secret world beyonf our ken. The threads will be bared for your scrutiny, and the truths of worlds within worlds will be revealed.

Welcome to my newest series! These pages shall be vastly different from those you would find within The Nexus. The dark things still play a role here, but they are balanced by the deeds of many noble souls, from Sir Aerinn Moonwater to Mystral Wind and Chrysta. Here is a place to relaxe, sip a warm drink and enjoy a good story. Enjoy your stay!

My library will have three distinct sections:

  1. Tricks and Tales: Where the Glamour flows with heros and villians
  2. The Inner Library: With studies of chimera ecology, mythic creatures, and other beings
  3. The Hall of Heros: Where the lives of many heros, and a few villians, shall be revealed.

I will need to ask for some patience as I am just now putting up this page. Hopefully I'll soon have added pleanty to the Library and we can celebrate its opening!

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