Note: all pictures with borders contain links to MIDI files!!!

Hey There!!! Welcome to the mad--hatter's abode... Here you can download cool sounds in .mid or .wav format (I am soon to put up my sounds PAGE, so bear with me...), on my music video page you can download a variety of videos from mtv, on my ME page you can learn about me, or download MY personally programed game, Smiley Warz... And soon to come: The Programmers Page: A page where you can see some of my work as a programmer and hire me for relatively cheap to program web pages/personal games/helpful programs specifically for YOU!!! By the way... my site is being continually updated, so feel free to come by as often as you like!!! Thanx - mad--hatter


About the CREATOR (a better page than this one!!!)
My MUSIC VIDEO page... still under HEAVY work... but check it out!!!

I am also open to ANY suggestions... (just E-Mail me!!!)

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