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War_Against_All - 12/26/00 15:24:38
My Email:sabre__1@yahoo.com

I fear nothing. I certainly dont need the stupidity of some woman in my life so I wont be "lonely". Aside from sex there is nothin a woman can do that a man cant do better. This webpage stands as a testament to the stupidity of women who believe that they are of some worth to society. Well to all of you who think like that i say "think again....."

ParAdoX - 11/04/00 10:03:39
My Email:dionegod@edsmail.com.ph

just surfed in i gotta say you have an awesome site an A+ for its content

Bug Arson - 08/24/00 12:34:28
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/rangus_uk/bugarson.html

Sympathy for the Devil is cool - I like the way you weave the story and the Stones lyrics.

elmur fudd - 08/21/00 16:00:54

don't mind me I'm huntin a pesky wabbit. Did he come fwew here jus now??

Levin Imp - 08/03/00 00:14:16
My URL:http://escape.to/Levins_Neverscape


Levin Imp - 08/03/00 00:14:07
My URL:http://escape.to/Levins_Neverscape


Lisa - 07/30/00 21:38:31
My URL:http://oocities.com/merekitten1970/

Hey, I think that doll is trying to tell me something.

mav - 07/20/00 20:03:32
My Email:no comment

hello again... this page is really psycho... u canīt say it often enough... but it is funny and the photos are not bad... but in reality they look quite better than in this fuckin letīs call it "Computer-Quality" go on... mav!!

maverick - 07/14/00 18:49:46
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/maverick_the_chosen_one
My Email:ehhmm..no

Hello psycho... this site is psycho... yeah, i really think so... it is!! What else... mine is much better... it is really fuckin much better and my english is better, too... yes, anywayz, i am the best guy in the world!! just kidding, yours is better... t the moment!!

Dave - 06/15/00 15:01:59
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/Area51/Shuttle/6233/
My Email:davebrown1000@hotmail.com

Hello!, a mutual friend brought me here. Nice layout and raw 'in your face' style. Enjoyed the artwork, and everything else. I'll be checking back often.

Peter and Thomas - 06/06/00 16:53:07
My URL:http://hamma.nit.de
My Email:you@know.it

Quite cool site Mr Greuel. Where did you learn creating websites this way? Will you still be at the VGE next year? cu PaT

Karen - 05/20/00 22:33:24
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/CapitolHill/Congress/2301/
My Email:zblue@ihug.co.nz

Wow your site is absolutely amazing - what a breath of freash air so stumble across something as excellent as this. Karen

Stefan Neuhaus - 05/13/00 19:51:27
My URL:http://www.cash-by-surf.net
My Email:freako32@web.de

Hi Mr AbomiNation! Very Cool Site I must say, good lay-out. Go on with this!

xenobia - 05/08/00 16:28:08
My URL:http://oocities.com/xenobiadespana
My Email:xenobia@mindless.com

a man after my own heart....
be my friend so we can speak of sailing ships and sealing wax and whether fish have wings.....

- 04/10/00 15:15:48


Paul - 04/10/00 15:14:15
My URL:http://paleforest.digibel.org

Great site! Loved the pictures, specialyt the Trail tail..

Strychnine - 04/08/00 05:30:23
My URL:http://www.angelfire.com/or/Strychnine/index.html
My Email:Strychnine@cornerpub.com


melissa - 03/30/00 16:42:29
My Email:melashe@email.com

i enjoyed the site very much!!!! you all are definitely ate up.......please put me on some sort of mailing list...... melissa

keeley - 02/23/00 10:03:47
My URL:http://www.crosswinds.net/~fallacy/
My Email:icefacade@hotmail.com

impressive page.. like the photography.. especially the 'wooden doll sessions'.. i havent looked through all the paintings yet but i admire that which i've seen so far.. good luck in future endeavors, you deserve recognition.. take care. - keeley

sussex - 02/13/00 19:20:48
My URL:http://members.tripod.com/xh0/
My Email:sussex@phayze.com

nice art. I like your surrealist paintings they're quite good. I like the train tracks photo shoot idea as well, it's interesting. -sussex

sam elmusa - 01/29/00 01:15:25
My Email:sammer@istar.ca

i loved the pictures.However i wish u included some other human to show some diversity

maverick - 01/24/00 20:06:52
My Email:sebi.maverick@gmx.de

Hello Mr. Greuel, i just found your hp... i think u donīt know me, but that doesnīt matter. Hey congratulations, great hp. c u mav!!

China Girl - 01/04/00 16:48:46
My Email:catheya@mtholly.scsc.k12.ar.us

Dude, On Salvation was FUCKED up! I liked your other stories though.

Aline Cathey - 01/04/00 15:30:02
My Email:hellcat_silver15@hotmail.com

I liked your site because i really like to read and I especially liked your photography.

sarah - 12/12/99 02:33:30
My Email:superQ7


rob - 12/10/99 18:57:32
My URL:http://www.clintscafe.freeservers.com
My Email:clintscafe@excite.com

Cool site. May the forces of evil become confused on their way to your house.

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