Full Name: Christopher Jennings Osborne
Usually known as: Chris
Location: Edinburgh
Occupation: Technical Manager
Age: 31

Photo of Chris Osborne

This is one of those deadly boring "about me" pages. You might be best advised to go directly to my photography website, aspects of light, or my other personal website, or perhaps to my Gay Guide to the Edinburgh Festival.

OK, if you really want to know more, read on:

I was born in Manchester, where I lived until I was 21. I then spent the next six years or so in Sheffield, where I studied at the University of Sheffield, gaining a BA in Urban Studies and an MSc in Information Management. This time was broken by (among other things) spending a couple of semesters at the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee from 1990-91. I continued to work at Sheffield Unviersity after gaining my MSc on project to mount a library of dental images on the Web.

Photo of Chris Osborne

In August 1995 I moved to Bristol to take up a post in the Institute for Learning and Research Technology. Much of this work involved designing and implementing a wide variety of Web sites, mostly of an academic or educational nature.

In June 1997 I moved to Edinburgh to take up post at Heriot-Watt as Web Editor/Designer. My work involved redesigning and maintaining the University WWW information service, H-Web, and other on-line publications such as the prospectus and annual report. In June 1998, after a year at Heriot-Watt, I moved to Napier University to take up a post as Technical Manager of EvoNet, a network of researchers involved in Evolutionary Computing.

My interests include photography, music (especially folk, indie and world music), cinema, art, architecture, calligraphy and reading. Another interest is Mah Jong. If you want to know more, just zip along to my other personal website.

Photo of Guillermo Navarro
Photo of Guillermo Navarro

As you will no doubt have guessed, the pictures above and are of me. They were taken earlier this year with an Olympus digital camera. It was very cheap, but a lot of fun!

The pictures to the left are of Guillermo Navarro-Oltra, my partner of the two years or so. I took these pictures in Barcelona on holiday in Spain (March 1998).

Guillermo has a great looking home page, with examples of his work (he is a graphic designer/artist) and an interesting selection of art, architecture and design related links.

It's always great to get email, so whether you have some comments or suggestions about this web site, or just fancy an e-chat, please feel free to contact me at the following email address: c.j.osborne@lineone.net. You can also sign my guestbook.

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