The Retropoet

Introduction to the Retropoet

Hi! I am the the Retropoet, the artist (and I use that term loosely) formerly known as Parmethius. I also am known as dblade, or poimer. In the past, I have been called chief, that weird boy, and other sundry and profane names. I am of German and English heritage, and I live in Minneapolis. I like to make lists. I like to play with numbers. I like to think about music, listen to music, and talk about music. I like to play bridge, sometimes online at Ok Bridge, where my moniker is "poimer". I also like playing games on the computer, watching movies, surfing the internet, professional wrestling, and some other stuff I won't even admit to myself. Here is my first list for you:

My First List For You


Retropoet Central Station

From this page you can link to virtually all the pages on my website, including humor.

The Bridge Table of Contents

This is the centerstage to all my pages about the game of bridge, for now.

Poetry Index

This page contains links to all the poets and poetry resident on my geocities pages.

Land of the Link Lizards

Once I have thoroughly disgusted you, you may want to visit all my "friends" for a little mutual therapy.

Retropoet Sidecar

I started developing a sister site at, but when they added advertising, there was no point anymore.


Parmethius has only one page in order to increase the mystery.