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Welcome to Jill Brealt's Artpage!
The latest update includes a number of new paintings as well as an entirely new page containing some "old stuff". Mostly drawings and sketches from the 60's and 70's, never seen before. There's also some wonderful miniatures there, so check it out.
Since the site was created six months ago we´ve recived hundreds of E-mails and forms from people all over the world. Thank you so much! It was really nice to get all those mails. We've changed the "Visitors form"-page to make it a lot faster for you to fill out and easyer for us to read. You can still reach Jill the old fasioned Email-way, if you want to do all the writing yourself! We have decided to skip a couple of things too (like the "Link me"-page) as they didn't get enough attention.
Basically the new policy is: More paintings and less BS!
This site will be updated again sometime, hopefully before 1999, depending on how fast Jill paints. At present she's working on something like five paintings simultaneously, and they're not done over night you know!

Alven Eriksson 07-03-98
(son of the artist and webmaster for life)

Click to enlarge!

Here's a brand new Dragon.
Jill originally made it to go with the logo of this page, but we thought it turned out so well that it deserved a place of it's own!

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