revised: August 2009


String Of Gemstone Beads

Introduction:    There are many online resources available for beading and jewelry interests - just look at my Resources Page, check out Yahoo beading areas, or do an Alta Vista search. But almost all of them are for commercial sites attempting to sell products or supplies. To my knowledge, there are no instructional sites out there that actually teach jewelry or beading techniques. So, with admittedly limited knowledge and experience in this area, I have created a family of illustrated tutorial pages dedicated to teaching the basic techniques of beading. More advanced training must be obtained from professional teachers and classes.

IMPORTANT NOTE !!     Geocities will be closing in October 2009. Because of this, Bob's Beading Tutorial has moved. Please go to for the complete series of pages. These pages have not been modified; they have just been moved.

Thanks to all those who have benefited from these pages, and have contacted me.

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