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Life is One Big Contradiction

I guess you came here, a bit curious about who I am...Well, you will probably leave here even more confused than when you arrived.

Esoteria is my major in this life, so ofcourse you will find a room covering that area of life....

If you have a Poet hidden somewhere inside you...then you should drop by my Poetry Corner, where you can contribute with your own poems...Or simply have a look at other people's poetry...

Or...if you feel like exchanging ideas, thoughts or simply want to be around other poetry lovers, you should drop by my Poetry Message Board, which I hope will be a place for growth and joy, a social network for people who like to write but are not quite sure...and who knows....maybe the next Keourac will take his (or hers) first steps in our midst

My next door neighbor, TequilaBlues, is also My Soulmate, My Purpose in Life, the Love of my Life. Music and Writing is what brings meaning to his life, except for me of course...*smile*.
His Band has dropped their first CD(yes, it's a great one!), and his first book is already out there on the bookshelfs, so if you're looking for a great gift for someone special, you should order one from Oleandro Publishing or you could drop by and check out some of his poetry published online. Name of the book? Blues. So, make sure you pay him a visit when you're done here.....

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