Welcome and hello to all those who pass this way. I am the Water Princess(mizu-hime), Oceanna and this is my Moon Palace. Previously this page was names Mandy's Moon but it was time for a change. It is has been a while since this page has had some major updates so prepare for my new Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon page.

Here you shall find shrines to the royal family, my two favorite senshi, fan fics written my me and a friend, a page dedicated to the couples of the Sailor Moon world, links, and much more. So without further delay go ahead and check out my page.

In the name of the moon, have fun and enjoy!

LAST UPDATED: 02/09/99

Present Royalty section updated today!

B I G .. S E C T I O N S
Sailor Moon's Sweet Love Birds
Longing for a little romance? Well, then step into my world, and take a peek at the various sweethearts in the wonderful world of Sailor Moon. A for lovers, with information, story summaries and pictures on each couple presented at the page.
Haruka & Michiru's Fan Fic
Be prepared for the most World Shaking story that includes stolen souls, broken hearts, old promises and a new senshi. Sailor Moon must go against an enemy that's revived from Silver Millennium to save Chibi Usa and the earth from the Warriors of the Eclipsed Sun.
A comic in which American and Japanese Anime styles blend together. Get the best of both worlds in our premiere comic book, Prophesy of Destiny. It's the story of a young man and the secret burden he carries with him. You'll find conspiracies, romance, adventure, & comedy.
R O Y A L .. S E C T I O N S
This page is dedicated to the Serenity of the past. Immortal Queen of all the Moon.
This page is for Serenity of present day Tokyo and future queen of Crystal Tokyo.
This one is for Serenity of the future. A princess who will one day rule as a lady.
S H R I N E .. S E C T I O N S
Soldier of Protection ~ A Jupiter Shrine
Soldier of Embrace ~ A Neptune Shrine
O T H E R .. S E C T I O N S
All About Me
Web Rings

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