Darcsyde Productions consists of only two people so far, myself (Graphics) and a Programmer.
So far we are unnofical, and just work on things for fun.
We dabble in everything, animation, games, applications, web-site creation. . .


Pentium 150, 64MB RAM
8 MB Legend 3D Glint Delta graphics card
my newly purchased 3D Studio MAX2 :)
Photoshop 4.0
and the trusty notepad for web-site creation. .


Well, I can pick up pretty much anything very quickly,
at the moment, I am using a tv stations (friends) equipment
and software in the odd moment to try to pick up Softimage,
but unfortunately, their equipment is not free very often.
But I have used most image creation and editing software
(non-SGI based) that there is, either at uni, at work, or at friends places.
Those that I haven't, won't take me long to learn ;)
Down ego, down!


Employment of course :)
Preferably in the film industry, but also in the games, mutlimedia, television industry
doing 3D, special effects, compositing, you name it :)
I would prefer a job with some kind of training scheme or scholarship, as I feel
I have almost reached my limit with self taught animation skills.
Well, the technical side anyway. I can learn/use most graphics programs
very quickly, but have not had quite as much experience as I would like in
the traditional animation side of things.