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              Freelance writer, editor, indexer, 2006-  (Clients include City Lights, Haymarket Books, University of Nebraska Press, Arte Publico, Continuum)


              Contributing editor, Utne Reader, 2006-07


              Librarian, Utne magazine/Utne Reader, 1999-2006; columnist, "Street Librarian," 2001-06; editor "First Thoughts," July/August 2004-October/September 2005


              Webmaster, Street Librarian, 1997-present


              Publisher, Dorchester Dog Hip Press, 1997-present


              Editor, MSRRT Newsletter, 1988-2000 (review publication for library and cultural workers; nominated for H. W. Wilson Award, 1990-92, 1995)


              Cataloger, Hennepin County Library, Minnesota, 1985-1999


              Reviewer, Zine World: A Reader's Guide to the Underground Press, 2001-05


              Associate Editor, Counterpoise, 1997-99


              Advisory Committee Member, Alternative Press Center, 1995-present


              Columnist, Artpaper, 1989-91: "Fugitive Fact File" and "Chris Dodge's Public Ear"


              Reviewer, Minnesota Reviews, 1984-89; board member, 1988-89







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