CATALOGUE (23/03/2007)

Wreck Age Recordings

IMPORTANT LEGAL STUFF (please read): All releases are on 1/4" audio cassettes and/or audio CDrs. Production/printing is LIMITED, so please list substitutes. All prices include taxes, postage (F. O. B. : destination) and are always, ALWAYS subject to negotiations. Please make all cheques and money orders out to Eric Bourret (NOT Wreck Age).

Please inquire for bulk rates, trades, distribution.

* * * * * (2008) * * * * *

wrk45...MINIMAL FRANK..."Wrecking Havoc-(a construction/deconstruction/reconstruction of various Wreck Age material)"...$10 (CD)
Using as primary sound source mostly unreleased archive material from Wreck Age (such as, Archangel, LSD, etc.), Minimal Frank creates a thick, densely layered sound sculpture, mixing in more elements than anyone can identify, including un-planned moments of Vromb amongst others . The sounds in his head are slowly leaking out!

* * * * * (2007) * * * * *

wrk44...FLESH FOR FRANK..."Computer Generated Shit Noise Attack"...$10 (CD)
Flesh For Frank's CDr debut on Wreck Age prooves to be a unique yet hard as nails journey through hard noise without the use of any distortion pedals or effects! Using strictly "sh!t" (found sounds) and processed using freeware on his computer, Frank Zen weaves a dense, thick, and engaging series of audio noise barrage! Did we mention no distortion pedals were used?

The follow-up to "Of Toasters And Burnt Toasts" shows Leper Collective (Maim Paterson & Frank Zen) sliding into different noise territories, crafting abstract and ambience layers mixed with harsh noise. May sound glitchy to some, but "Channel Zero" remains true to the spirit of original noise production values!

The official debut CD from USA-resident Maim Paterson and Montreal's own Frank Zen, collectivelly known as Leper Collective. Their debut features more intense and harsh noise than you can muster up within one sentence. Thick, dense, and without pity, "Of Toasters And Burnt Toasts" is a must for true harsh noise fanatics.

Another long-lost recording from the pre-WRK days of LSD, "Catastrophe" shows us a post-punk LSD in full raw fashion, mixing dirty guitars, nasty effects, angst vocals and manually operated drum machines! A must for LSD fans. Since there were two different versions of "Catastrophe" on original cassette format, this CD release features TWO seperate audio CDs, one for each version. Two CDs for the price of one!

This long-thought lost pre-Wreck Age album was recently submitted by Bud Reiser (aka LSD); released for the first time, "L&H" collect post-punk electro-angst with experimentalism in pure LSD fashion. CD features three bonus cuts of re-edited or re-mixed material from this album and "Catastrophe". Order now while supplies last!

* * * * * (2005/2006) * * * * *

wrk39...ARCHANGEL..."The Misrocoft Zound volume 2"...$10 CDr
Using the basic sound recorder program on any PC's windows, recorded direct to audio CD. More mayhem and minimal noisound abuse. Warning: not responsible for damage caused to audio playback devices. A split release from Wreck Age and Australia's Smell The Stench.

wrk38...ARCHANGEL..."The Misrocoft Zound volume 1"...$10 CDr
Recorded live, using only the basic sound recorder program found in all windows. Loops, noises, drones and more minimalisti-madness. Warning: not responsible for damage caused to audio playback devices. A split release from Wreck Age and Australia's Smell The Stench.

wrk37...F. MARCEAU..."I M F R (Improvised Montreal Field Recordings"...$10 CDr
Montreal's F. Marceau releases his first full-length recordings, a raw, minimal, low-fi mixture of on-the-spot field recordings and other urban "natural" environmental sounds. A split release from Wreck Age and Australia's Smell The Stench Tapes.

* * * * * (2003) * * * * *

wrk36...ZAM.FEAR..."My Country Iz No Country, Iz Summer Humidity"...$5 K7
Another improvised jam session between the two light-headed sweatshops, this collection of pseudo-tunes was lost in the archives until recently dug-up. Perhaps it should have remained lost! Not for the faint of ears. 45 minutes

wrk35...ZAM.FEAR..."Your Cunt ' n ' Mine"...$5 K7
Spurting out an improvised jam session with more synth noodlings from Bud Reiser (aka LSD, ADAMO) and Dr. Lx Butterman, with more shifts and turns than a rock band on bad drugs. Not for the faint of ears. 45 minutes

wrk34...ZAM.FEAR..."Recycle Or Die"...$5 K7
Mostly using sounds and found samples from the in-house Wreck Age library, Bud Reiser improvises more synth noodlings and electronic madness, with assistance from Dr. Lx Butterman. Not for the faint of ears. 45 minutes

* * * * * (2002) * * * * *

wrk33...COUNTERFEIT..."Subsession Sounds"...$12 CD
Although well known in the Montreal underground electronic sub-culture, this is Counterfeit's first release with Wreck Age. 13 tracks of mellow electronic mixes and jams, with loads of computer energy and mechanical sounds. The CD includes two bonus cuts.

wrk32...ADAMO..."Trouble At Satanisburg"...$5 K7
This is ADAMO's third, and ppossibly final, release on Wreck Age. This third instalment continues in the tradition of post LSD Bud Reiser experimentation, with a focus on live improvised synth jams. Recorded while being possessed by the spirit of "sad man".

wrk31...ARCHANGEL..."Music For Blizzards - volume 1"...$12 CD / $5 K7
The first in a series of minimal drone explorations, this first volume features four lengthy pieces performed spontaneously and recorded live (no sequencing, no overdubbing) direct to tape by Lx "Butterman" Wheill. Minimal low-fi drone noise ambient/illbient.

* * * * * (2001) * * * * *

wrk30...ARCHANGEL..."Gestohlene Gut"...$10
Celebrating the 30 years of Lx Wheill's existance on planet Earth, Wreck Age offers the MP3 exclusive ARCH CD as a regular WRK item. 57 pieces, totalling a little over 30 minutes of dangerous, computer-generated short bursts of electronic noise and manipulations. If you thought your CDs were skipping before, this one cracks to top score.

wrk29...ADAMO..."Ya, You Know Filth..."...$5
Bud Reiser just won't stay dead! This new album features 8 new compositions, ranging from minimal rhythm manipulations to darker ambient works. Also included on this cassette are a few outtakes and tests which never came to completion.

wrk28...HOLOSKANKS..."Bubble Gum Teen Teaser"...$12 CDr
Nicholas Marker dives deep into high-energy club music, with loads of noise and some of the most extreme vocal sampling ever crafted. Those who are offended by raw, nasty, and disturbing sexual practices should not listen to this! :Note: The MP3 CDr version features CENSORED versions.

Bud Reiser's new project follows in LSD's "Echoes" footsteps, with a more radically humorous edge. 23 (or is it 24?) short pieces, ranging from the disturbing stereo monster to unrecognizable cover tunes. For those looking for really unclassifyable weirdness, this is it!

* * * * * (2000) * * * * *

wrk26...HOLOSKANKS..."Proteen : new sex scenes single"...$5 / $10 CDr
Nicholas Marker doesn't want to keep his fans waiting in anticipation, so here's the first single off his upcoming "Bubble Gum Teen Teaser" album. Features 4 new mixes of "Proteen", and an unreleased track: "Teen Machine". :Note: The MP3 CDr version features edited versions without the bonus piece.

* * * * * (1999) * * * * *

wrk25...ZAM.FEAR..."Menschlich Strumpfsinnig teil Ein und Zwei"...$5
LSD's Bud Reiser teams up with Lx Wheill for this DOUBLE length debut of weird LIVE electronic sound manipulations and decompositions. Features guests Atmospheh-rhycxx, and Simon Sinistar. Warning: NOT Y2K compliant!

wrk24...Le.Seigneur.Déabolique..."Echoes"...$5/$10 CD
Bud "LSD" Reiser offers up his third, and final album as LSD. Features 60 minutes of unstoppable, un-musical sound mutations, still using the most primitive instruments still working! Warning: NOT Y2K compliant! The CD version features a bonus piece, also available on A Cosmic Noise Compilation Volume 3.

Limited to 50 copies, given FREE when you purchase any 2 WRK/DDT/Suggestion product! Features new or previously released material from DFS, HOLOSKANKS, ARCHANGEL, ATMOSPHEH-RHYCXX. SOLD OUT as of 12/01/03. Sorry !!!

wrk22...DOGGED FOR SYMPATHY..."Cloned Out! single edit/re-mhycxxes"...$5 / $10 CD
The single Cloned Out! is edited down to a radio-length version (whatever that means). Also features new and exclussive mixes by Atmospheh-rhycxx, and a bonus cut: "Clone Control (Crowded Out)". 35 minutes of "music" in total! CDr contains 35 more minutes of demo versions.

wrk21...DOGGED FOR SYMPATHY..."Phase 2: Recloned"...$0.00
COMING ONE DAY Techno/noise/ambient influences over hard edged, song-oriented proggressive EBM. Features the hits Cloned Out!, Crowd Control, and The Good And The Innocent Die!. 74 minutes of madness in all!

Includes dark abience from A.E.R., THE INFANT CYCLE, KIRCHENKAMPF, ARCHANGEL, low-fi noise from PHYCUS, ÂMES SANGLANTES/TEASHOP MADMAN, slow-mo techno space from MINDFUCK, ATMOSPHEH-RHYCXX, post-industrial aggro from DFS, porno-disco from HOLOSKANKS, unclassifiable stuff from LSD and ZAM.FEAR. 90 minutes/double length.

wrk19...ENDICHE VIS.SAT... "Kernavé"...$5.
From backwash beats to voice manipulation, passing through traditionnal Lithuanian foot stomping hymns! A must in modern industrial ambient noise!

wrk18...ENDICHE VIS.SAT..."His Closed Eyes(Her Closed Eyes)"...$5
Lithuania project ENDICHE VIS.SAT breathe new life into the tired old term "industrial noise" manipulation. Odd rhythms, intense ambience, darkwave sub-level grooves...

* * * * * (1998) * * * * *

More darkwave ambience than sheer noise, this volume features ARCHANGEL, HOLOSKANKS, LSD, DFS, AER, THE INFANT CYCLE, ZARAZA, MINDFUCK, PHYCUS, VRAXOIN, STATIC INSECT, ATMOSPHEH-RHYCXX, and many more! 90 minutes/double length

wrk16...MIKHAIL ATOM..."Astro.Epos"...$5
From out of Moscow (Russia) comes one man's ambient excursion into a space beyond normal human comprehension. Only a few copies remain!

wrk15...STATIC INSECT..."Hemispherics"...SOLD OUT
From Mutant Cactus Recordings (Ontario) comes this double-length effort, mixing found sounds, processed noise manipulations, electronic rhythms, and other dark soundscapes. Please note only 1 copy remains! PLEASE LIST ALTERNATE CHOICES!

wrk14...LE.SEIGNEUR.DÉABOLIQUE..."808127338"...$5/$10 CD
LSD (Bud Reiser) continues his undescriptive journeys into retro-futuristic space rock musical mutations, without ever using any sampling or sequencing! The CD version features two bonus cuts, originally from A Cosmic Noise Compilation Volume 2.

wrk13...LE.SEIGNEUR.DÉABOLIQUE..."New.Day.Reisen"...$5/$10 CD
LSD (Bud Reiser)'s first official full-length release explores strange, Black-Sabbath-flavored retro-futuristic space rock mutations, without ever using any samplers or sequencers! The CD version features bonus unreleased material.

wrk12...HOLOSKANKS..."Pornaudipohy"...$5 / $12 CDr
Hard techno dance beats and aggro-industrial synths anre mixed with noise bursts and the most exxxplicit pornography sampling to date! Not for the easilly offended! Note: The MP3 CDr features edited and censored versions of selected pieces. This cassette is the full-length, un-edited original.

* * * * * (1997) * * * * *

wrk11...ARCHANGEL vs ATMOSPHEH-RHYCXX..."Ontogeny"...$5/$10 CD
Both projects use and abuse each other's sounds in this 28 minute recorded live performance. Note: The CD version also includes a remixed version of WRK10 as a bonus

wrk10...ARCHANGEL vs ATMOSPHEH-RHYCXX..."Chill-Out Part 1: Minimalist Environmenting"...$5
Sounds of nature are processed and manipulated into ambient noise, while scratching, crackling, and popping vinyls are manipulated into short rhythm segments. Highly low-fi and minimal. Note: The CD version also includes WRK11 as a bonus.

wrk08...ATMOSPHEH-RHYCXX..."Atmos.Sphere"...$5 / $8 CDr
One long, hypnotic space transmission consisting of proggressive loops, tones, percussive elements, and background soundscapes. 45 minutes. The CD version features a 9 minute live edit of the title piece.

wrk07...ATMOSPHEH-RHYCXX vs DOGGED FOR SYMPATHY..."Spawned From Apathy"...$5
Both projects' sounds are manipulated by the other, re-sequenced by both, and recorded live by Atmospheh-rhycxx. Minimal techno-based loops and interference. The CD version features 6 bonus, previously unreleased Atmospheh-rhycxx pieces.

* * * * * (1996 and under) * * * * *


Intense noise and darkwave ambient electronics clash with exclussives from MINDFUCK, DFS, ARCHANGEL, GOATHEAD, ZARAZA, LSD, KNURL, PHYCUS, VERMIFORM FRONT, and much, much more. 90 minutes/double length,

wrk06...ARCHANGEL..."The Unreleased AKASHA soundtrack"...SOLD OUT!
Themes and work songs are explored on this soundtrack to an unfinished/unreleased film project. Very musical; similar to their self-titled debut.

wrk05...ARCHANGEL..."/tef.-.hanj.-ö-/ver/.-"...$5 / $10 CDr
Natural continuation of Skulking, mixing low-fi techno ambience, intense noise, subtle atmospheres, and strange recorded conversations. The CD version includes the unreleased work piece "Docteur Fritz" and excerpts from the soundtrack to the film "CONFINED".

Side 1 is the 27 minute Skulking; unprocessed found sounds/musique concrete, while side 2 has two lengthy pieces of dark wave soundscapes. The CD version features three bonus sound excerpts.

wrk03...DOGGED FOR SYMPATHY..."Handglove(The World Wasn't Made For Streetwalkers)"...$5.00
Alex Wheill and Simon Sinistar return with their most eclectic, yet perfect EBM techno industrial aggro release. Old school teachings meets yesterdays's acid techno beeps...

wrk01...A. K. A. Inc. ..."Frequencies"...$5.00
The infernal trio of improvised electronic noise give us their loudest, crunchiest set yet. Three lengthy pieces to chill and churn by.

htmc03...DOGGED FOR SYMPATHY..."Lethal Mind Alterance + DWI Convictions Remix"...$5.00
Wheill and Nicholas Marker perform 4 live songs from 1991, plus a remix of DWI Convictions and a cover of Trisomie 21's La Fête Triste

htc05...DOGGED FOR SYMPATHY..."Mind Altering Substance"...$5.00
The anonymous Nicholas Marker (guitar) and Simon Sinistar (drums) join Alex Wheill in this aggro-industrial classic from 1991. Regarded as one of DFS' best to date.

htc04...DOGGED FOR SYMPATHY..."The Television Generation Part 1"...$5.00
More musically-oriented than previous outings, with less sampling than usual.

htc1...DOGGED FOR SYMPATHY..."Dialectically Impotent Thanks To DFS"...$5.00
This bilingual debut from 1989 features live recordings, whacky sniplets, and a young Wheill testing the waters of what is to come...

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