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This is what I have on my Evan Davis:

Descendants of John Davis

Generation No. 1
John Davis was born 1674 in Mommouth County Wales.       
Children of John Davis are:
Evan Sr. Davis, b. 1695, Mommouth County Wales; d. Bef. May 14, 1747.
At Least 2 Sons (see below) and ?Daughters
Generation No. 2
Evan Sr. Davis married Mary ? Abt. 1716.
He immigrated to the U.S. 1701, to the Carolina Coast from Milford, South Wales, on the ship "James & Mary" with his two brothers and their families.
Children of Evan Davis and Mary are:

William Henry Davis, b. Abt. 1716, SC; d. Bef. July 24, 1771.
Benjamin Davis, d. Bef. 1762.
Samuel Davis, d. Bef. January 01, 1759; m. Martha.
Hannah Davis, b. Abt. 1722; m. Jacob Jr. Dubre, January 12, 1758.
Joseph Davis.
Evan Jr. Davis, b. 1729; d. Abt. 1758.

I'm thinking your Evan could have been a son of one of the brothers of Evan that I don't know anything about
I have a Davis ancestor from Wales named Evan Sr. who had a son named Evan Jr. Evan Sr. was born in 1695 and Evan Jr. was born in 1729. Both Evan Sr. and his father John were born in Wales, but I have no birthplace for Evan Jr, although he had one brother born in SC according to my records.
I have Evan Jr. married to Mary Emory Williams but no further information.

I am descended from 3 separate Davis lines:
1. Foulk (Fulk)Davis came to New England abt. 1640, moved to Long Island,
   first to East Hampton, then progessively moved westward,
   finally ending in Jamaica, where he died in 1680's.
   He had large family; some of his descendants moved
   to New Jersey, near Trenton, and later to Salem and Cumberland Counties.
2. Daniel Davis, came to Connecticut abt 1660.
   Had son Benjamin who moved to sw
   New Jersey in very early 1700's. Many progeny there.
3. David Davis, came to Welsh Tract in northern DE
   about 1710. Descendants in DE and sw New Jersey.
              All three lines came from Wales.
I can supply more details if anyone desires. Charles Davis
At, you can find USGen web connection, go to State of PA,
and find the wills of William a brother of Evan, Samuel's father, and
some deeds all of which make fairly clear the surviving relatives of
Evan Davis, fa. of Samuel who was fa. of Jeff Davis ... 
The following info seems fairly accurate, but
I haven't checked it out for my self -
we do have a a famgen
of the Jeff Davis-Varina Howell lines and more being uploaded. Susan Gillberg
This database contains 70298 people, 70298 names, and
is derived from a 748058 line GEDCOM file. 
GEDCOM file last updated Wed, 12 May 1999 09:59:46. 

Evan Davis 
Sex: M 
Born: 1729 
Died: ABT. 1758 
Three brothers came from Milford, South Wales,
on the ship James and Mary, to Delaware in 1701,
with twenty others of the Welsh Baptist Faith.

Evan Davis, the son of John Davis who was one of the three brothers,
settled on the Pee Dee River at a place known afterwards as
Welsh Neck Baptist Church in SC, in 1735, and married a widow Williams,
(maiden name Emory).
From The History and Genealogy of the Nances

Father: John Davis 
Sex: M 
Three brothers came from Milford, South Wales,
on the ship James and Mary, to Delaware in 1701,
with twenty others of the Welsh Baptist Faith.
[you have to beware, this is the Classical Emigration Myth, 3 brothers, 5 brothers, etc.]
Family 1: Mary Emory Williams 
Henry Davis 
Sex: M 
Henry first settled in near Polkton, Anson Co., NC and reared six sons.
1: John Davis 
Sex: M
Father: Henry Davis
1: Nancy Marshall Nance
Arter Davis 
James Davis 
William Davis 
Christopher Davis 
Edmund Davis

[There's NO mention of Henry in the deeds or the wills, BTW,
nor mention by Sam'l Davis nor Evan Davis his fa. in their documents. SG]
Samuel Emory Davis 
Sex: M 
Born: 1756 
Died: 4 Jul 1824 
Moved to near Augusta, GA and thence to Todd County,
Kentucky where he reared 10 children,
among whom were Joe and Jefferson who both went to Mississippi.

Father: Evan Davis, b. 1729 b. GA
Mother: Mary Emory Williams
Family 1: Jane Cook Died: 3 Oct 1845
Joseph Emory Davis, b. 10 Dec 1784 
Sex: M 
Born: 10 Dec 1784 
Died: 18 Sep 1870 
Joseph Emory Davis was Jefferson Davis'
eldest brother and mentor.
Originally a lawyer in Vicksburg,
he made his fortune as a planter and
was one of the richest men in Mississippi
at the onset of the Civil War.
He also accumulated one of the
most outstanding private library
collections in the South, from which
Jefferson Davis gleaned much of his
legal and political knowledge. Joseph E. Davis
married Eliza Van Benthuysen Davis in 1827

Jefferson F. Davis, b. 3 Jun 1808
Sex: M 
Also Known As: President 
Born: 3 Jun 1808 
Died: 6 Dec 1889 
Geneological data was obtained from the
Department of Archives and History, Jackson, Mississippi,
and "Jefferson Davis" - Private Paper, 1823-1889",
selected and edited by Hudson Strode - 1966. 
Father: Samuel Emory Davis, b. 1756
Mother: Jane Cook [Martha Jane Cook, Widow Sim(p)son, with several Simpson sons. SG]
Family 1: Sarah Knox Taylor, b. 1814
Married: 17 Jun 1835
Family 2: Varina Banks Howell, b. 7 May 1826
Married: 26 Feb 1845
Samuel Emory Davis, b. 30 Jul 1852 
Margaret Howell Davis, b. 25 Feb 1855 
Jefferson Davis, Jr., b. 16 Jan 1857 
Joseph Evan Davis, b. 18 Apr 1859 
William Howell Davis, b. 16 Dec 1861 
Varina Anne Davis, b. 27 Jun 1864 in Richmond, Virginia
Sarah Knox Taylor 
Sex: F 
Born: 1814 
Died: 15 Sep 1835 
Sarah Knox Taylor, the daughter of future president
Zachary Taylor and Margaret Mackall Smith Taylor,
was born at Fort Knox in Vincennes, Indiana, in
either 1813 or 1814 (probably the latter), and
was named for her paternal grandmother and for
the fort where she was born. Often called Knox
or Knoxie, she was educated in Kentucky and
Ohio and met Davis in 1832, when both he and
her father were stationed at Fort Crawford in
what is now Wisconsin. Her father opposed the
relationship, both because of the hardships of
army life and because there was some friction
between Davis and himself. Davis was transferred
to St. Louis in 1833, but he remained in correspondence
with the woman he hoped would become his wife: 

"[Your] kind, dear letter [in which she apparently consented to marriage],
I have kissed it often and it has driven many mad notions from my brain.
Sarah whatever I may be hereafter I will ascribe to you.
Neglected by you I should be worse than nothing and if the few good qualities
I possess shall under your smiles yield a fruit it will be your's as the
grain is the husbandman's. . . . Shall we not soon meet Sarah to part no more?
oh! how I long to lay my head upon that breast which beats in unison with my own,
to turn from the sickening sights of worldly duplicity and look in those
eyes so eloquent of purity and love" (December 16, 1834, in Davis Papers, 1:346). 

The details of their courtship were lost to history in the summer of 1863
when Union troops carried off a packet of correspondence between Sarah Taylor and Davis.
It is unknown whether they even saw each other from the time Davis left Fort Crawford
until they met to be married. Rumors of an elopement circulated for decades,
but there was a formal ceremony, and the couple apparently had the blessing
of Zachary Taylor, perhaps because Davis had decided to resign his commission.
Sarah's father was not present at the wedding, however, which took place on
June 17, 1835, at Beechland, near Louisville, Kentucky, the home of Sarah's
widowed aunt Elizabeth Taylor. 

The newlyweds took a steamboat to Vicksburg, traveling to visit
Joseph E. Davis on Davis Bend. There Davis began the planning for
Brierfield. Later that summer the couple went to see Davis' oldest sister
Anna Smith at "Locust Grove" in West Feliciana Parish, Louisiana.
Either on the journey or soon after their arrival, both Davis and Sarah
contracted either malarial or yellow fever. On September 15, two days short
of their three-month anniversary, Sarah Taylor Davis died.
She was buried at "Locust Grove," which is now a state historical
site that is open to the public. 
Father: Zachary Taylor, b. 24 Nov 1784 in near Barboursville, Va
Mother: Margaret Mackall Smith, b. 1788
Family 1: Jefferson F. Davis, b. 3 Jun 1808
Married: 17 Jun 1835
Varina Anne Davis 
Sex: F 
Also Known As: Winnie 
Born: 27 Jun 1864 in Richmond, Virginia 
Died: 18 Sep 1898 in Narragansett Peir, Rhode Island 
CAUS: malarial gastritis 
Buried: in Richmond, VA 
Cemetery: Hollywood Cemetery 
Known as "The Daughter of the Confederacy"

Father: Jefferson F. Davis, b. 3 Jun 1808
Mother: Varina Banks Howell, b. 7 May 1826
Margaret Howell Davis 
Sex: F 
Born: 25 Feb 1855 
Died: 19 Jul 1909
Father: Jefferson F. Davis, b. 3 Jun 1808
Mother: Varina Banks Howell, b. 7 May 1826

Family 1: Joel Addison Hayes, Jr., b. 4 Mar 1848 Died: 26 Jan 1919
Married: 1 Jan 1876
Descendents of Varina Banks Howell 

1 Varina Banks Howell b. 7 May 1826 d. 16 Oct 1906
+ Jefferson F. Davis b. 3 Jun 1808 d. 6 Dec 1889
2 Samuel Emory Davis b. 30 Jul 1852 d. 30 Jun 1854
2 Margaret Howell Davis b. 25 Feb 1855 d. 19 Jul 1909
+ Joel Addison Hayes, Jr. b. 4 Mar 1848 d. 26 Jan 1919
2 Jefferson Davis, Jr. b. 16 Jan 1857 d. 10 Oct 1878
2 Joseph Evan Davis b. 18 Apr 1859 d. 30 Apr 1864
2 William Howell Davis b. 16 Dec 1861 d. 16 Oct 1872
2 Varina Anne Davis b. 27 Jun 1864 d. 18 Sep 1898
[There was also a dau. Jenny, m. from the Confed. White house, BTW. SG]

>MEMO The genealogy back to Morgan Davies is consistently reported.
>!SURNAME: Children sometimes listed as DAVIS.
>!UNPROVEN: Information from "The Davis Family in Wales and America" by
>Harry Alexander Davis, pub 1927, Wash DC.[sdw 8/5/1998] Morgan Davis ba
>1622-3 Lantwidvoyrde, Glamorgan, Wales. He was a witness to a lease of
>lands from Rees Williams to his father in Carmarthen Co., dated 8 July
>Morgan married Catherine late in life, settled Lithrens Castle,
>Pembrokeshire. (Circumstances indicate the he was closely related to Wm
and >Francis Howell, who came to Penn. It is not known if thru his mother or his
>wife.) From the dates of the births of his last three children which are
>recorded in Merion Meeting Records (MSS Hist. Soc. Penn.) he had at least
>one son born in Wales, i.e., John. He came into the Province of
>Pennsylvania prior to 1586, probably on ship "Vine" which arrived 17 7
>mo,1684 bringing many Welsh families to settle in Merion, Haverford, and
>Radnor. (Welsh Settlmt Penn., Browning, p 505) Morgan David owned by a
>triparty deed dated 19. 6 mo 1686, and signed by Richard Davies, Morgan
>David, and William Howell, a parcel of land, 100 acres, in Merion Township.
>Land deeds of the Haverford School and College show that the College land
>was originally part of the 410 ac which Richard Davies conveyed 19 6 mo 1686
>to Thos. Ellis, Gent.; Morgan David, Husbandman; and Francis Lloyd ,
>Shoemaker. (Welsh, Settlmt of Penn., Browning, pp 202-227) He was a
>Freeholder and owned 354 ac of land. (Welsh Founders of Penn.,, Glenn Vol.
>i, p.157)
>Morgan and Catherine David witnessed the marriage of Thomas Pascale 15 9 mo
>1692. They were witnesses to the marriage of Thomas Rees, o Haverford and
>Rebecca Williams 11 4 mo 1692. Morgan was a witness to the marriage of
>Lewis Waker, of Philadelphia, late of Merion and Mary Moris, of the same
>place, 22 2 mo 1693. (MSS Hist Soc PA)
>Morgan David dated his will 15 12 mo 1694-5. He was buried 17 12 mo 1694=5.
>This will was probated by his widow, Catherine who was sole executrix, 18 7
>mo 1695. (Welst Settlmt PA, Browning, p 245 Gen Soc PA vol ii p 31) His
>estate to go to his eldest sons, John and Evan; he mentions son David, and
>leaves legacies to dtrs Catherine and Elisabeth, and to the Meeting House at
>Haverford. He mentions property called "Chestnut-well" and "Beech-well".
>William Howell, Morris Llewellyn, Francis Howell, and Dvid Lawrence are
>named overseers. Wtinesses to this will were Robert Owen, Robert Powell,
>and John Humphreys.
>One hundre ac of land mentioned in the triparty deed was conveyed by the
>relict and the overseers to James Thomas by deed 8 3 mo 1695. James Thomas
>immediately reconveyed the same to his son, James Thomas.
much of the book has been disproven.
> ! Further research is needed.
>{Another Morgan Davis is listed b 1622 in Cardiff, Wales same death date,
>son Evan David b 1685 Marion Twp, Penn d 1748 m 1712 Jane Reese-moved to
>South Carolina. Other children Benjamin Davis m Elizabeth Bowen bur Camden
>Sc 34 SC Regt comm by Col. Wm Thompson, pvt. enlistd 26 Nov 1778 prisoner 9
>Jan 1779, Benj. Davis, Jr., youngest of 9 sons Jefferson Co., Tn? m
>Priscilla Jones, dau of Reps Jones his will 26 Oct 1824 (B. Davis),
>children 1. Alexander Davis b 1790 d 1808, Elizabeth David b 20 Feb 1791,
>Benjamin David III b 1792 m. nancy Campbell, Joseph H David m 7 Dec 1837
>Amanda Jarnigan, Grainger Co., Tn (LDS), RepsJones David m 1. Malinda
>Singleton dau of John. m. 2 Isabelle McCroskey Bogle This from Sudie Clemmer
>letter 14 Dec 1973, Asbury Acres Maryville, TN 37801 in book "DAVIS FAMILIES
>Morgan David, yeoman, Merion Twp. Philadelphia Co, PA WB A-354 FIle #149
>Rec. 15 Dec 1694/5. Wife, Catherine, sole executx. Children: John, oldest
>sons; Evan; son David, legacies to daus: Katherine & Elizabeth; to Meeting
>House in Haverford. ref: Philadelphia Wills LDS microfilm 384806.
>!QUESTIONS: Husbandman -- farmer? What is a Freeholder? Meeting
>House---were the Davises Quakers at this time?[The Davis Family in Wales &
>America by Harry Alexander Davis] 8/5/98 [sdw]
>John David, son of Morgan (1) David. Born Pembrokeshire, Wales 168_. He
>came to Penn. with his parents when a small child and about 1684. He was a
>witness to his mother's second marriage3 11 mo 1697. He married about 1699,
>Ann, dtr of Thomas Thomas, and young widow of David Evan, born Wales 1683.
>John and Ann were witnesses to marriages in Haverford 4 11 mo 1706 and 11 3
>mo 1715. He removed to Pencader Hundred New Castle county, Delaware about
>June 1716 and is shown in the list of signers of the Confession of 4 Feb.
>1716-17 as "Shion Dafydd". [Pencader Rec p 21) In May 1717 he was a joint
>purchaser with his brother David of 400 ac of land from William Davis and
>David Evans, part of a 30,000 acre grant to said Davs and Evans from Wm Penn
>in 1701. (Deeds, Lib Q1 fol 81) He was deeded land in Pencader Hundred by
>William Curston, executor for the estate of Edw Gray, to said Gray from
>William Davis of Radnor PA and Dvid Evans of Pencader Hundred. (Deeds, Lib.
>G1, fol 167) In 1727 he was deeded a parcel of land by John Thomas.
>(Deeds, Lib H1 fol 189) In 1729 he was deeded a parcel of land by Griffith
>John (Deeds, Lib 11 fol 124) On 30 Apr 1736 he was deeded by William
>Cureton and Susannah his wife, 139 ac mor or less, of land in St Georges
>Hundred, Del. (Deeds, Lib Off, fol 109.) In May 1743 John and David divided
>their land giving each other a release of claim, etc.* John and Ann his
>wife could not write as they signed this deed with a mark. This deed was
>proven in court in May 1748. The release of David and Martha his wife, to
>John David was never recorded. The following abstract of a deed is of
>interest: John Hopkins and Rachel hise wife, of Pencader Hundred, convey 20
>Jan 1767 to David Davis, Cordwainer 26 ac of land, part of 400 ac deeded to
>John and David Davis, joint partners (1717), and they the said John and
>David David divided the same, in two equal shares between them and gave
>release to each other for every one his share, dated 16 May 1743; and the
>said 26 ac is part of said John Davis, his share. The said John David in
>his last will and testament dated 22 Mar 1763 did bequeath, give, and devise
>all his said lands unto the above John Hopkins and Rachel, his wife, etc...
>by right of said will, the said John Hopkins and Rachel his wife converys
>said 26 ac of land to the above named David Davis. (Deeds, Lib. Y1, fol
>127). [The spelling of the surname David and Davis is just as it is in the
>book] swd 8/98. This will has not been discovered, nor is there any record
>of administration of estates of John or Ann David. Date of teh death of
>John was about 1764-5, it is recorded in the church register but no date is
>given. (Pencader Rec., p 70) Date of the death of Ann is not know tho she
>was evidently deceased prior to 22 Mar 1763.
>*DEED RECORD, Newcastle County, Delaware, at Wilmington. (Liber Q, Vol I,
>page 34.) To all christian People to whom these presents shallcome Know
>that of John Davis, of Pencader Hundred in the County of New Castle upon
>Delaware Turner and Ann Davis his wife for divers reasons and considerations
>them moving have remised Resolved and forever Quit Claimed and by these
>presents themselves and their heirs Doth fully clearly and absolutely remise
>release and forever quit Claim unto David Davies of the hundred & County
>afsd. Turner in his full and peaceable Possession and Seizin and to his
>heirs and assigns forever all that Tract or parece of Land scituate and
>being in Pencader Hundred and Coty of New Castle afsd being one moity of
>four hundred ac of Land sold and made over to the above said John Davis and
>Said David Davies jointly from William Davis as appeared by one deed under
>his hand & Seal bearing date the Twenty first day of May Anno Dom 1717
>Beginning at a corner Black Oak from thence East one Hundred and thirty
>eight Perches to a corner maple thence South two Hundred Perches to a corner
>White Oak thence West on e Hundred and fourteen perches to a Corner Gum
>thence North forty one deg: West one hundred and thirty-two Perches to a
>corner black oak standing by the Great Road from Christian Bridge to the
>head of Elk River thence North thirty-eight deg: East one hundred and
>eighteen Perches to the place of Beginning Containing Two Hundred ac of Land
>be the same more or less within the said bounds together with all Houses
>barns buildings Gardens orchards meadows pastures feeding woods Soil Ways
>Waters Watercourses Issues rents profits Improvements Liberties Erasements
>advantages and appurtenances with Reversion and Reversions Remainder and
>Remainders, whatsoever to the same belonging or anywise appertaining. To
>have and To Hold the above said Land and Premises unto the said David Davies
>his heirs and Assigns to the only Use and Behoof of the said David Davis
>his Heirs and Assigns forever so that neither they the said John Davies and
>Ann Davies nor their Heirs no any other person or persons for them or any of
>them or in their or either of their names or the Name right or Stead of any
>of them shall or will by any Way or means hereafter have Claim Chalenge or
>demand an Estate right Title or Interest of in or to the Said Land and
>Premises or any part or parcel thereof, but from all & every Action Right
>Estate Title Interest Demand of in or to the Premises or any part or parcel
>there of they and every of them shall be utterly excluded and barred forever
>by these Presents. And also the said John Davies and Ann Davies and their
>heirs the said Land and Premises with the appurtenances to the said David
>Davies his heirs and Assigns to his and their own proper use and uses in
>manner and form afore specified against them the said John Davies and Ann
>Davis and their heirs Executors and Administrators and every of them shall
>warrant and forever Defend by these Presents. In witness whereof they the
>said John Davies and Ann Davis have hereunto set their hands and Affixed
>their seals the Sixteenth day of May Anno Dom 1743. his
>JOHN I DAVIS mark her ANN C DAVIS mark
>Signed Sealed and Delivered in Presence of JOHN THOMAS WILLIAM MOORE New
>Castle County Ss May the ____1743
>Then came Ann Davis acknowleging her free Will and Consent in signing
>Sealing & Delivering of the Above written Deed to the USE Intent and
>purposes therein mentioned without the least Compulsion from her husband or
>any other person or Persons whatsoever.
>Acknowledged before me one of his Majesties Justices of the Peace for Sd
>Acknowledged in the Court of Common Pleas held for the County of New Castle
>in May Term 1748. Witness my hand and seal of the Cou afsd. RICHd M:
>WILLIAM D [I have tried to type this just as it is
>written---the different spellings of Davis/David/Davies are just as written
>in the book by HAD] Sdw 8/5/98
>GEN: 2 NOTE _FTNMEMO Her father may have been William or Francis Howell, who
>moved to Pennsylvania.
>[The Davis Family in Wales & America, Harry Alexander Davis] 8/5/98 [sdw]
>Catherine David was a witness for the defendant, 5 4 mo 1688 in the case of
>Henry James vs James Brown, , Defend. "Catherine Davis being attested in
>Oppen Court, declareth for ye Defend that she did hear Henry James order
>James Brown ye Pipe and Ye Tymber att Rackcoone Creeke." (Rec of Cts
>Chester Co., PA 1681-98, fol 126)
>Catherine, widow, married (2) Evan Harry, of Merion, 3 11 mo 1697; this was
>witnessed by John Evan and a Robert David (MSS Hist. Soc. Pa) Evan Harry
>owned 164 ac of land in Radnor in December 1701, and 204 ac in Merion in Apr
>1704. He died 1718-19. Catherine, his widow, removed to Pencader Hundred,
>New Castle, Co., Del. She shown as joining in 1720 subscribing as "Catoring
>Evan Harry." (Pencader Rec. p 22) The estate of Evan Harry was not
>administered and settled until 19 Feb 1723. (Gen Soc Pa., vol vii p 284;
>ct. rec. also)
>Catherine maried (3) James Thomas. She was a widow again at the time of
>death 25 May 1741. (Pencader Rec., p 68) 

Sharon, I am a descendant of Needham Marquis Davis.
Am also searching for info on John Clarke Davis-
Had "family" info that he was a brother to
Evan Davis-ancestor of Jefferson Davis, President of Confederacy.
Can we share info?

1 Dauid ap Gorony
    2 Ieuan ap Dauid
        3 Ieuan ap Dauid
        3 Dauid ap Griffith
            4 Jenkyn ap Dauid
                5 Ieuan ap Jenkyn Dauid
                  +  Catherine
                    6 Richard Ap Ieuan
                        7 David ap Richard
                        7 John Thomas
                        7 David ap Ieuan
                            8 Howell ap David
                            8 Thomas ap David
                            8 Morgan David b: 1622 d: DEC 1694
                              +  Catherine
                                9 John Davis b: 1680
                                  + Ann Thomas b: 1683
                                    10 Thomas Davis
                                    10 Reason Davis b: ABT. 1700
                                      + Elizabeth Wood
                                    10 Evan David b: 1702 d: 1767
                                      + Lydia Emory Williams
                                      + Mary Emory b: 1727 d: ABT. 11 JUL 1768
                                    10 David Davis b: 1698
                                      + Martha Thomas d: AFT. 1765
                                9 Catherine David b: 1688 d: 1747
                                  + Griffith Lewis d: 1730
                                9 David David b: 28 FEB 1693/94
                                9 Elizabeth David b: 1691 d: AFT. 1749
                                  + John Morris d: 1749
                                9 Evan David b: 1685 d: 1748
                                  + Jane Rees b: BEF. 1695 d: DEC 1723
                                    10 John David b: 1714 d: ABT. 1779
                                      + Mary Tyson b: 1720 d: ABT. 1789
                                    10 David David b: NOV 1717 d: 1793
                                      + Jane Miles b: ABT. 1717
                                    10 Benjamin David b: 17 JUL 1719 d: 27 SEP 1797
                                      + Rachel Hinson Port
                                    10 Evan David b: 1722 d: 1796
                                      + Mary Haughey
                                    10 Child David b: NOV 1723 d: 1723
                                  + Jane Morgan b: ABT. 1700
                              +  Catherine b: 1650 d: 25 MAY 1741
                                9 John David b: 1683 d: 1764
                                  + Ann Thomas b: ABT. 1683 d: BEF. 22 MAR 1763
                                    10 David David b: 1700
                                    10 Evan David b: 1702 d: 1767
                                      + Lydia Emory Williams
                                      + Mary Emory b: 1727 d: ABT. 11 JUL 1768
                                    10 Rachel David b: 1704 d: AFT. 1767
                                      + John Hopkins b: 1704
                                    10 Rezin Davis b: ABT. 1710 d: 6 JUN 1814
                                      +  Jane b: BET. 1685 - 1709 d: BET. 1728 - 1797
                                      + Elizabeth WOOD d: 13 AUG 1816
                                9 Evan David b: 1685 d: 1748
                                  + Jane Rees b: BEF. 1695 d: DEC 1723
                                    10 John David b: 1714 d: ABT. 1779
                                      + Mary Tyson b: 1720 d: ABT. 1789
                                    10 David David b: NOV 1717 d: 1793
                                      + Jane Miles b: ABT. 1717
                                    10 Benjamin David b: 17 JUL 1719 d: 27 SEP 1797
                                      + Rachel Hinson Port
                                    10 Evan David b: 1722 d: 1796
                                      + Mary Haughey
                                    10 Child David b: NOV 1723 d: 1723
                                  + Jane Morgan b: ABT. 1700
                                9 Robert David b: BEF. 1688
                                9 Catherine David b: 1688 d: 1747
                                  + Griffith Lewis d: 1730
                                9 Elizabeth David b: 1691 d: AFT. 1749
                                  + John Morris d: 1749
                                9 David David b: 28 FEB 1693/94
                        7 Juhan Ieuan
                    6 John ap Ieuan d: AFT. 1657
                    6 Owen ap Ieuan
                    6 Kenricke ap Ieuan d: AFT. 1610
            4 Shion ap Dauid
        3 Griffith ap Ieuan
    2 Dauid ap Dauid