Non-Fiction by Title:  (includes self-help, essays, humor, anthologies)


1)      100 Great American Novels-Summary-Bio-Critique p, Morehead et al

2)      100, Hart

3)      12 Keys to Writing Books that Sell p, Krull

4)      20 Master Plots, Tobias

5)      900 Days-Siege of Leningrad, Salisbury, Harrison

6)      A Room of One’s Own, Woolf

7)      About and Afoot in SD County p, Schad

8)      About the Author, p, Glossbrenner

9)      Ageless Body, Timeless Mind, Chopra

10)  Albert Einstein, Hoffmann

11)  All I Knew About Animal Behavior, I Learned in Loehman’s.., Bombeck

12)  All in Our Time p, Wilson ed

13)  All Too Human, the Love Story of Jackie and John Kennedy, Klein

14)  Almagest, Ptolemy GB

15)  AMA Family Medical Guide, AMA

16)  A Beautiful Mind, p, Nasar

17)  A Marriage Made in Heaven, Bombeck

18)  A Moment’s Liberty-Woolf’s Abridged Diary, Bell

19)  American Civilization-History of  US, Gewehr

20)  American Government, Stephenson et al

21)  American Heritage Book of Indians, Thorndike, et al

22)  American Heritage Picture History of World War II, AH

23)  American Language p, Mencken

24)  American Notes For General Circulation p, Dickens

25)  American Places, Stegners and Porter

26)  American Revolution, AH

27)  American Revolution, Ketchum, et al

28)  American State Papers, Hamilton et al GB

29)  Ancient Light, Lightman

30)  Ancient Sun Kingdoms of the Americas, VonHagen

31)  And a Voice to Sing With, Joan Baez

32)  Annals-Histories, Tacitus GB

33)  Anne Frank Remembered, Giles

34)  Antonin Dvorak, My Father, Dvorak

35)  Apollo Expeditions to the Moon, NASA

36)  Arab and Jew, Shipler

37)  Aristotle’s Works (2 vols), Aristotle GB

38)  Arms Control and the Arms Race p, Sci Amer

39)  Arms Race and Nuclear War p, Barash

40)  Art and Civilization, Myers

41)  Art and Craft of Novel Writing, Hall

42)  Art of Fiction, Gardner

43)  Atlas of US History, AH

44)  Atlas of World History, Palmer

45)  Atlas-the Story of a Missile, Chapman

46)  Atomic Energy, Smyth

47)  Atomic Quest, Compton

48)  Atoms, Bombs and Eskimo Kisses, Segre

49)  Atoms in the Family, Fermi

50)  August 1914, Solzhenitsyn

51)  Aunt Emma’s Cope Book, Bombeck

52)  Ava, Gardner 

53)  Ava Gardner, Daniell

54)  Basic Conversational Spanish, LaGrone

55)  Basic Music for Teachers p, Nye

56)  Bathroom Reader, p, v13, Uncle John

57)  Becoming a Writer p, Brande

58)  Becoming a Writer, Brande  (early edition)

59)  Beginnings-Middles and Ends, Kress

60)  Best and the Brightest, Halberstrom

61)  Best Loved Poems of the American People, Felleman, ed

62)  Best of the Magazine Markets-93 p, Longridge

63)  Beyond the Hundredth Meridian p, Stegner

64)  Bhagavad-Gita As It Is, Bhaktivedanta, transl

65)  Biographical Encyclopedia of Science and Technology, Asimov

66)  Biotic World and Man, Milne

67)  Bird by Bird, Lamott

68)  Birds of North America p, Robbins et al

69)  Bloomsbury, A House of Lions, Edel

70)  Blue Highways, Moon

71)  Book of Health, Clark, et al

72)  Book of Iinside Information, Boardroom

73)  Book of Mormon, LDS

74)  Book for Couples, Prather

75)  Books of the Century, New York Times Book Review

76)  Brave Men, Pyle

77)  Brief History of Time, Hawking

78)  Bright Shining Lie, Sheehan

79)  Brighter Than A Thousand Suns, Jungk

80)  Browning, Elizabeth Barret, A Biography, Forster

81)  Building Blocks of the Universe, Asimov

82)  Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, Brown

83)  Bush at War, Woodward

84)  Calculus, Smail

85)  Cambridge Encyclopedia of Earth Sciences, Smith ed

86)  Capital-Communist Manifesto, Marx & Engels GB

87)  Carl Sagan, a life, Davidson

88)  Celestial Revolutions, Copernicus GB

89)  Chemistry, Lavoisier GB

90)  Chess in 30 Minutes p, Lowe

91)  China in our Time, Terrill

92)  China, Buchanan, et al

93)  Chocolate for a Woman’s Spirit,p, Allenbaugh

94)  City of Fire, Kunetka

95)  Civil War, AH

96)  Civil War, Jordan, Natl. Geographic Society

97)  College Algebra and Trigonometry, Zant

98)  Common Sense p, Paine

99)  Compact History of the Korean War, Middleton

100)Complete Guide to Writing Fiction, Conrad

101)Confessions, Augustine GB

102)Conversations with Wallace Stegner p, Stegner, Wallace & R. Etulain

103)Cosmos, Sagan

104)Critical Assembly, Hoddeson et al

105)Critique of Pure Reason-others, Kant GB

106)Curve of Binding Energy, McPhee

107)Cycling San Diego p, Schad

108)Dancing Wu Li Masters, Zukav

109)Dark Sun, Rhodes

110)Darkness at Noon p, Koestler

111)Darkness Visible, Styron

112)Dawn Over Zero, Laurence

113)Day in the Life of China, Collins, publ

114)Day of Infamy, Lord

115)Day of Trinity, Lamont

116)Day One, Wyden

117)Day the Sun Rose Twice, Szasz

118)Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (2 vols), Gibbon GB

119)Depths of  the Universe, Hale

120)Der Anfang (German primer), VonHofe

121)Dialogues, Galilei GB

122)Dictionary of Word Origins, Shipley

123)Dictionary-New College Edition, AH

124)Discourse-Meditations-others, Descartes GB

125)Discovery, Stegner

126)Disturbing the Universe, Dyson

127)Doctors’ Book of Home Remedies, Kircheimer

128)Double Helix p, Watson

129)Dragons of Eden, Sagan

130)Eastern Europe, Time-Life

131)Economics, Samuelson

132)Editors on Editing p, Gross ed

133)Effect of Nuclear Weapons, Glasstone

134)Electricity, Faraday GB

135)Elements of Style, Srunk & White

136)Elements, Euclid GB

137)Elizabeth Barret Browning, Bio, Forster

138)Embracing Earth, Stevens and Kelley

139)Emerson’s Complete Writings, Ralph Waldo Emerson

140)Emily Dickinson, Feriazzo

141)Encyclopedia (20 vols plus supplements 1960-67), Collier

142)Endurance, Lansing

143)Enduring Questions, Rader

144)Energy-Special Report p, Natl Geo

145)Enjoyment of Music, Machlis

146)Epic of Man, Time-Life

147)Epitome-Harmonies, Kepler GB

148)Erma Bombeck, a life in humor, Edwards

149)ESO, Brauer

150)Essays, Montaigne GB

151)Essentials of English p, Hopper et al

152)Ethics, Spinoza GB

153)Every Day With Emerson, Emerson (quotes), PH

154)Exploring New Ethics for Survival, Hardin

155)Family Names, Hook

156)Family-the Ties that Bind, Bombeck

157)Field Guide to Rocks and Minerals, Pough

158)Fire and Blood, Fehrenbach

159)Fix it Yourself Manual, Reader’s Digest

160)Fix Your Bicycle p, Jorgensen et al

161)Flags of Our Fathers, Bradley

162)Footprints on the Moon, Barbour

163)Forces of Nature p, Davies

164)French Dictionary p

165)French Phrase Book and Dictionary p, Grosset

166)Frogs, Ribbuoli, et al

167)From Atoms to Quarks, Trefil

168)From Beirut to Jerusalem, Friedman

169)From Flappers to Flivvers, readers of Reminisce Magazine

170)Funny, You Don’t Look Like a Grandmother, Wyse

171)Galileo’s Commandment, Bolles

172)Garden Flowers in Color, Stevens  PH

173)Gathering of Zion p, Stegner, Wallace

174)General Chemistry, Pauling

175)Genius in the Shadows, Lanouette

176)Gentle Thoughts, Deane, ed

177)Geography of Hope--Tribute to Wallace Stegner, Page and Mary Stegner

178)German Dictionary p, Langenscheidt

179)German for Travelers p, Berlitz

180)German Phrase Book and Dictionary p, Grosset

181)Ghost Soldiers. Sides

182)Glorious Koran p, Pickthall transl

183)Goodbye Darkness, Manchester

184)Gospel According to Zen p, Sohl ed

185)Government by the People, Burns & Peltason

186)Graduate Thesis (Physical Oceanography), Scanlan

187)Great Ideas Today (1961-66 annual suppls), Adler, et al

188)Great Masters of French Impressionism, Brown, Carter et al

189)Great Winemakers of California, Benson

190)The Greatest Generation, Brokaw

191)Growing Up Western, Backes

192)Guadalcanal Diary, Tregaskis

193)Gulag Archipelago, Solzhenistsyn

194)Guns of August, The, p, Tuchman

195)Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, CRC

196)Handbook of Short Story Writing Vol  I p, WD

197)Handbook of Short Story Writing Vol  II p, WD

198)Harbrace College Handbook, Hodges

199)Harper Anthology of Poetry p, NIMS

200)Hawaii, Natl. Geo

201)Heart-Circulation-Generation, Harvey GB

202)Heat, Fourier GB

203)Hemingways’s Genders, Comley & Scholes  PH

204)Heroic Triad p, Horgan

205)High Tide in Tucson, Kingsolver

206)Hillary and Jackie, p, du Pre

207)Hillerman Country, Hillerman

208)Hiroshima, Hersey

209)History of Rocketry and Space Travel, VonBraun & Ordway

210)History of San Diego (Vols I&II), Smythe

211)History of the Modern World, Palmer et al

212)History of the Novel, Freedman

213)History of the U.S. Marines, Siefring

214)History of World War I, Taylor,ed

215)History, Herodotus GB

216)Holy Bible, Catholic

217)Holy Bible, Douay

218)Honey from Stone, Raymo

219)House at Otowi Bridge, Church (1st ed)

220)How the Irish Saved Civilization, Cahill (1st ed)

221)How to Draw and Paint p, Gasser

222)How to Play Your Best Golf p, Armour

223)How to Write and Sell Mystery Fiction p, Burack

224)How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy, Card

225)Human Knowldedge, Berkeley GB

226)Human Mosaic, Jordan et al

227)Human Understanding, Hume GB

228)I Want to Go to Boise, Bombeck

229)I Will Never Leave You, Prather

230)If Life is a Bowl of Cherries, Bombeck

231)Immense Journey p, Eiseley

232)Improving Your Chess p, Reinfeld

233)Indian Arts, Whiteford

234)Inequality-others, Rousseau GB

235)Insects p, Zim

236)International Dictionary of Quotations p, Rawson & Miner

237)Into the Garden-A Wedding Anthology, Hass & Mitchell

238)Introduction to Atomic and Nuclear Physics, Semat

239)Inventing the Truth p, Zinsser ed

240)Ireland, Time-Life

241)Ireland series by Wheeler and Breen; Oh Come Ye Back to Ireland, following:

242)When Summer’s in the Meadow , ibid

243)The Pipes are Calling, ibid

244)The Luck of the Irish,  ibid

245)Irish Blessings, Nash

246)Is There Life Beyond Earth, Tsung

247)JFK Reckless Youth, Hamilton

248)J Robert Oppenheimer, Goodchild

249)Japan’s Secret War, Wilcox

250)Journey Across Russia, Natl. Geo

251)Journey into China, National Geographic, publ

252)Journey to Forbidden China, Mosher

253)Joy of Sex, Comfort

254)Joy of Words, Ferguson, publ

255)Judo p, Dominy

256)Just Wait Till You Have Children of Your Own, Bombeck

257)Kama Sutra of Vatsayana p, Burton transl

258)Karate Made Easy p, Rone

259)Kennedys, Collier, et al

260)King Solomon’s Ring p, Lorenz

261)Last Great Victory, Wintraub

262)Last Notebooks of Loren Eiseley, Heuer ed

263)Law Dictionary p, Barron

264)Lawrence and Oppenheimer, Davis

265)Lessons of History, Durant, Will and Ariel

266)Let’s Go Sailing p, Isler

267)Letters-Experiments, Pascal GB

268)Leviathan, Hobbes GB

269)Lexus and the Olive Tree, The, p, Friedman

270)Liberty-others, Mill, J S GB

271)Life and Times of Chaucer, Gardner  PH

272)Life and Times of Edward Teller, Blumberg & Owens

273)Life of Samuel Johnson, Boswell GB

274)Life’s Little Insruction Book, Brown

275)Limits to Growth p, Meadows et al

276)Literary America, Scherman & Redlich

277)Lives, Plutarch GB

278)Living Off the Country, Angier

279)Living Zen p, Linssen

280)Looking At Earth, Engle et al

281)Love by the Glass, Gaiter & Brecher

282)Lyndon, Miller, Merle

283)Madam Secretary a biography of Maeleine Albright, Blood

284)Magnetism, Gilbert GB

285)Make Your Words Work, Provost

286)Making of a Continent, Redfern

287)Making of a Scientist p, Roe

288)Making of the Atomic Bomb,  Rhodes

289)Making Shapely Fiction, Stern

290)Manhattan Project, Groueff

291)Marking the Sparrow’s Fall, Stegner, Page (editor)

292)Marriage Made in Heaven, Bombeck

293)Marxism-Essential Works p, Marx et al

294)Mean Genes, p, Burnham & Phelan

295)Measurements-Apollonius-Nichomachus-others, Archimedes GB

296)Meditations-Discourses, Aurelius & Epictetus GB

297)Medusa and the Snail p, Thomas

298)Men and Atoms, Laurence

299)Merck Manual, Holray, et al

300)Mere Christianity p, Lewis, C.S.

301)Meteorology, Moran & Morgan

302)Michelangelo, Raboff

303)Miller’s Court, Miller

304)Miracle of Language, Lederer

305)Mirrors-Intro to Literature p, Knott

306)Mission to Metropolis p, Shannon

307)Modern American and British Poetry, Untermeyer

308)Modern College Physics, White

309)Modern Times, Johnson

310)Moment of Creation, Trefil

311)Mormon Country, Stegner, Wallace

312)Motherhood, the Second Oldest Profession, Bombeck

313)Mozart, Davenport

314)Multiple Sclerosis p, Graham

315)Murmurs of Earth, Sagan

316)Music-An Appreciation, Kamien,

317)Mysterious Maya, Natl. Geo.

318)Mystery Writer’s Handbook p, WD

319)Names on the Land, Stewart

320)Natural Faculties, Galen GB

321)Nature’s Healing Arts, Aikman

322)Navaho, Kluckhohn

323)Navajo Indian Poems, Wetherill

324)Neutron Physics p, Bacon

325)New Solar System, Beatty et al

326)New Spanish Dictionary, Cuyas

327)New World, Hewlett & Anderson

328)Next Century, Halberstram

329)Nightmare Years, Shirer

330)Nin, Anais, The Diary of (2 vol. pb);  Nin

331)Nine Nations of North America, Garreau

332)No Ordinary Time, Goodwin, Doris K

333)Norton Anthology of Short Fiction p, Cassill

334)Novel and Short Story Writer’s Market-1995 p, WD

335)Novel Writing p, WD

336)Novum Organum-others, Bacon GB

337)Now it Can be Told, Groves

338)Nuclear Age Reader p, Porro et al

339)Nuclear Almanac, MIT

340)Nuclear Arms Race p, Craig & Jungerman

341)Nuclear Fusion p, Hulme

342)Oath-others, Hippocrates GB

343)On Being a Poet, Jerome

344)On Being a Writer, Strickland

345)On Light, Huygens GB

346)On Man and Nature, Thoreau

347)On Moral Fiction p, Gardner

348)On Moral Fiction, Gardner, John

349)On the Nature of Things, Lucretius GB

350)On Writing, King

351)On Writing Well p, Zinsser

352)Once Upon a More Enlightened Time, Garner

353)One Brief Shining Moment, Manchester

354)One Hundred and One Famous Poems, PH

355)Open Door, Gilbar

356)Open Mind p, Oppenheimer

357)Operating Instructions, p, Lamott

358)Oppenheimer, Rabi et al

359)Origin of Species-Descent of Man, Darwin GB

360)Origin of the Chemical Elements p, Tayler

361)Our Literary Heritage, Brooks & Bettmann

362)Our Natural World, Borland

363)Outdoor Survival Skills p, Olsen

364)Outlines of Shakespeare’s Plays p, Watt et al

365)Outposts of Eden, Stegner, Page

366)Outstanding Educators of America (1972), OEA

367)Oxford Companion to Wine, Robinson

368)Painting p, Gasser

369)Papa Hemingway, Hotchner

370)Paradise Lost-others, Milton GB

371)Paris Symposium on Radio Astronomy, Bracewell ed

372)Peloponesian War, Thucydides GB

373)Perfect Health, p,Depak Chopra

374)Philosophy of Right-of History, Hegel GB

375)Physical Universe, Krauskopf & Beiser

376)Physicists, Snow

377)Play of Words p, Lederer

378)Poems p,  Altenbernd & Lewis

379)Poems that Live Forever, Felleman, ed

380)Collins to Fitzgerald (poetry anth., chronologically), Harvard Classics

381)Poetry Speaks (anthology w. CD’s), ed. Paschen, et al

382)Poet’s Handbook p, Jerome

383)Population Bomb p, Ehrlich

384)Prehistoric Astronomy in the Southwest p, Malville

385)Prentice-Hall Reader p, Miller

386)Prince, Machiavelli GB

387)Principia, Newton GB

388)Probability and Statistics, Alder & Roessler

389)Probate, HALT

390)Profiles in Courage p, Kennedy, John

391)Proud Massai p, Roper

392)Psychoanalysis-Dreams-others, Freud GB

393)Psychology, James, William GB

394)Puccini, p, Southwell-Chandler

395)Pueblos, Gilpin

396)Quick Calculus p, Kleppner &  Ramsey

397)Quotations from Chairman p, Tse-Tung, Mao

398)Re-Discovering America p, Roper

399)Reader’s Encyclopedia, Benet

400)Relativity and High Energy Physics p, Rosser

401)Rembrandt, Raboff

402)Reminiscences of Los Alamos p, Badash et al

403)Republic of Plato with  Notes p,Cornford

404)Republic-Apology-others, Plato GB

405)Riding the Iron Rooster, Theroux, Paul

406)River Town: Two Years on the Yangtze, Hessler

407)Road Ahead, Gates

408)Rocks of Ages, Gould

409)Russia-Broken Idols-Solemn Dreams, Shipler

410)Russian Revolution, Moorehead

411)Sailing Illustrated p, Royce

412)Sailing p, Wallace

413)Salvador, Didion, Joan

414)San Francisco, Conrad

415)Sand County Almanac p, Leopold

416)Saturday Evening Post Treasury, SEP, ed

417)Savage Beauty, Life of Edna St. Vincent Millay, Milford

418)Science and Survival p, Commoner

419)Scientific Encyclopedia, VanNostrand

420)Scoundrel Time, Hellman

421)Scout Field Manual p, West & Hillcourt

422)Seashores p, Zim

423)Second Nature p, Pollan

424)Seeds in the Wind, Braybrooke ed

425)Seldom Disappoined, Memoirs, Tony Hillerman

426)Selected Papers of Great American Physicists, AIP

427)The Serpent’s Tongue, (prose, poetry & art of New Mexico Pueblos) ed. Wood

428)Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, Chopra

429)Seven Storey Mountain, Merton

430)Silent Spring p, Rachel Carson

431)Silicon Snake Oil, Stohl

432)Six Enneads, Plotinus GB

433)Smetana-Letters and Reminiscences, Bartos

434)So You Want to be a Writer p, Moore

435)Solar System Time-Life

436)Sons and Daughters of Mom, Wylie

437)Soong Dynasty, Seagrave

438)Sourcebook on Atomic Energy, Glasstone

439)Southwest p, Zim

440)Space Technology, Gatland et al

441)Space Traveler’s Handbook, Freeman

442)Space-Time-Infinity, Trefil

443)Spirit of Laws, DeSecondat GB

444)Spirit of Zen p, Watts

445)Stars-Their Structure and Evolution p, Tayler

446)Stories of the Great Operas, Newman

447)Story of a Hundred Operas, Mendelsohn, Felix

448)Story of Civilization (11 vols.), Durant, Will and Ariel

449)Story of Modern Art, Cheney

450)Summa Theologica (2 vols), Aquinas GB

451)Survival p, Air Force

452)Survival p, Army

453)Synonym Finder p, Rodale

454)Take Care of Yourself p, Vickery, et al

455)Teachings of Buddha, Kyokai (two copies, one Japanese & English)

456)The Crisis p, Paine

457)The Irish Race, MacManus

458)The Seashell Anthology, Burns (poetry anth.)

459)There is No Zoo in Zoology, Elster

460)Thesaurus, Random House

461)Thirteen Days, Kennedy, Robt. F

462)Three Pillars of Zen p, Kapleau

463)Time Bomb, MacPherson

464)Times Family Atlas of the World, NY Times

465)Toleration-Government-Understanding, Locke GB

466)Tongues of Conscience, Reid

467)Tooth Trip p, McGuire

468)Treasury of Great Russian Short Stories, Yarmolinsky

469)Truman, McCullough

470)Types of Drama, p Barnet, et al

471)Under a Cruel Star p, Kovaly

472)Undercurrents, p, Manning

473)Universe (2nd ed), Kaufmann

474)Universe, Kaufmann

475)Uranium People, Libby

476)US Constitution p, Assembly

477)Used Math p, Swartz

478)User’s Guides-Windows-Word p, Microsoft

479)Versalog Slide Rule Instructions, Post

480)Vest Pocket Spanish Dictionary, Follet

481)Vietnam War, Bonds, ed

482)Vietnam-A History, Karnow

483)Voyage of the Beagle p, Darwin

484)Voyage to Jupiter p, NASA

485)Voyage to Saturn p, NASA

486)Voyager Neptune Travel Guide p, NASA

487)Walden, Thoreau (also includes Maine Woods and Cape Cod)

488)Walking Softly in the Wilderness p, Hart

489)Wallace Stegner, Benson

490)War and Peace in the Nuclear Age, Newhouse

491)Wasp on a Pin p, Roper

492)Way of Life p, Tzu, Lao

493)Wealth of Nations, Smith Adam GB

494)Weapons and Hope, Dyson

495)What Lips My Lips Have Kissed, Loves & Love Poems of Millay, Epstein

496)What to Expect-The ToddlerYears,p  Eisenberg, et al

497)What Your Mother Couldn’t Tell You... , Gray

498)When You Look Like Your Passpor, Bombeck t

499)Which Wine p, Sichel & Allen

500)Why I’m Not a Christian p, Russell

501)Wild Apples, Thoreau  PH

502)Wild Edible Plants p, Kirk

503)Wine Buyer’s Guide ,, Fadiman et al

504)Wines of California, Balzer

505)Woman of Letters (V. Woolf bio.), Rose

506)Woolf, Virginia-A Biography, Bell

507)Woolf, Virginia-A Moment’s Libery (abridged diary), Bell

508)Congenial Spirits-Selected Letters of Woolf, ed. Banks

509)A Very Close Conspiracy (Virginia and Vanessa Woolf), Dunn

510)Word Court, Wallraff

511)Works of John Burroughs, Burroughs

512)World’s Great Religions, Thompson, et al

513)World Atlas of Wine ,, Johnson

514)World of the American Indian, Natl. Geo.

515)World War II Series (26 vols), Time-Life

516)Writer’s Complete Crime Reference, Roth

517)Writer’s Craft, Hersey

518)Writer’s Handbook-1974, Burack ed

519)Writer’s Handbook-1988 p, Burack ed

520)Writer’s Market-1993, WD

521)Writing Books for Young People, Giblin

522)Writing Down the Bones, p Goldberg

523)Writing Fiction p, Cassill

524)Writing Fiction-A Guide, Burroway

525)Writing for Children and Teenagers p, Wyndham & Madison

526)Writing for Story p, Franklin

527)Writing for Your Life p, Steinberg

528)Writing Mysteries, Grafton ed

529)Writing Screenplays That Sell p, Hauge

530)Writing the Novel p, Block

531)Year of Decision, DeVoto

532)Yours if You Ask, Schutz

533)Zelda, Milford

534)Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Persig

535)Zen Buddhism p, Suzuki

536)Zen Flesh-Zen Bones p, Reps