Rainbow Family of Living Light

Whoever has heard of the Rainbow Family probably knows the whole Native American legend surrounding the family. Whether the idea behind the family has gone to shit or not, whether or not it's gone too 'commercial' (for Christ's sake, they're on the Web now!) I still think the idea is beautiful.
It's basically this: You go out into the woods to be with people, to be away from radios, flashlights, cars, helicoptors, sirens, TV's, and cops.

Yes, I said cops. But don't worry, the forest service keeps a CLOSE eye on everyone. Generally, though, up to 25,000 people gather for a week (this is the National Gathering I'm talking about. There are Regionals too.) with no more crime than theft, lots of good food, friends, and whatever. If you think it wouldn't work, go see for yourself. If you think it sounds awesome, go see for yourself. But go with an open mind, a desire to help others, and a UNDERSTANDING THAT YOU MIGHT HAVE TO DO SOME WORK!

I've gone to a few Gatherings (all Nationals. That might be my problem), I've gotten jaded by a few 'drainbows' (there's only so many times you can hear 'we love you!' from complete strangers before you want to smack someone), but...I dunno. I go back. That's good, right? Well, if you have no idea what I'm talking about, here's the first place to start learning, the Unofficial Rainbow Family of Living Light Home Page.

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