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Date: Mon, 2 Nov 1998 19:59:54 EST
Subject: "Bunny Mail"

You know, you are offending far more people than you are teaching. If you wish to bitch and insult everyone who believes that Wicca is different from Satanism in the sense that not everything is black and dangerous and serious, go to a dark corner and do it.

  • We're offending far more people than we're teaching? Is that why your email is the first angry bunny mail since July? We put all the irate email up, and have actually been dissapointed we haven't gotten more.
  • Which section of the web site did you gather that we believed that Wicca isn't different from Satanism, and should be black and dangerous and serious? (which, incidentily, Satanism ain't, either) Ever heard of Beltaine? Guess what? So have we.
  • "Go to a dark corner and do it?" Oooh, how un-fluffy of you! That sounds almost "us or them". Will the fur fly?
  • We never said we were trying to teach anyone anything, m'dear. This is simply an obnoxious page that was put up in a moment of frustration that we actually tend to forget is even here - until we get emails from the site.

  • Date: Mon, 06 Jul 1998 14:10:38 +1200

    "I just want to know why you think the way witchcraft is now is sooo bad. Its letting people see how they can become happy and healthy while attuning to natural forces as well as living in todays society. What is wrong with this??? If you want witchcraft to be the 'secret' religion of the past I am afraid that there are going to be few to none members...eventually the religion will be no more at least this way witchcraft is turning into something people all over the world can enjoy. And by the way, about the Scott Cunningham books...maybe he does writes in a way that original craft was not like but at least he is not sitting there and hassling people who have a genuine interest and willingness to accept and take on new ideas and philosophy's on life."

  • Are you emailing us about witchcraft or Witchcraft? There is a difference.

  • Wicca isn't about "getting happy" like the good old Partridge Family song. Wicca is about discipline, struggle, and even pain. What's wrong with just "getting happy" - the natural forces of the Earth are not just "happy" - they can be destructive and deadly. Where is that in your "C'mon, get happy" philosophy?

  • I've got news for you - the "secret" priesthoods of the past have more than just a few to no members. Since some of us are still in "secret", you really don't know how many of us there are, do you? And claiming that a religion that has lasted in one form or another for thousands of years would die out if it's not practiced the way you think it should be practiced is awfully arrogant, don't you think? We're not claiming that Wicca will die out if everyone doesn't practice Trad Wicca. We'll keep it going, we oathed to it. But good luck finding us in all the white light muck.

  • Scott Cunningham was a Trad Wiccan, and one of the few Wiccan authors that didn't break his oaths to pen his books. But accepting part and parcel what any author tells without examining that which they left out or couldn't tell you is irresponsible.

  • If Wicca is a new idea and a new philosophy on life, give it a new name, not an old and established one that describes something else. Call it "Neo-Wicca" to differentiate yourself from clenchbutts like us. But don't tell me it's a new philosophy and a new way of thinking and then claim to be practicing an old religion.

    Email #1 greeted us at 11:27 PM EST:

    "How dare you insult people that read Scott Cunningham?How could you insult Scott Cunningham? Tha man's dead! You people need to get off your high horse and quit acting like you have the cornerstone on Wicca."

    "Tha Man" started a trend that has lead to people picking up his book and looking no further. Just because someone wrote it in a book doesn't make it gospel - ever heard of the Bible? And there are no cornerstones in Wicca, bub. Wiccans cast circles. - Editors