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Alternate X-Men by Micheal Triggs
Alternate X-Men stories that are the author's take on what should have happened in the comics books. These stories start with X-Men #40.

An American Dentist in London by Jason Lewan
The FOH is spreading to London and is threatening Excalibur. Half of the team is kidnapped, the others are attacked and no one has any idea what is going on. Kitty also winds up suffering at the hands of the recently 'deceased' Graydon Creed.

AOA Revelations by John Percy
Prelate Scott Summers has everything a mutant could want: a high postion in the forces of Apocalypse, Mr. Sinister for a father, a powerful brother, and all the priviledges that such power brings. Why, in the end did he betray them all? Come see what revelations he had.

An Unexpected Guest by Davide Briganti
Two people from Renegade's past show up to cause him some serious trouble.

Blood on my Hands by Adam Bourret
An apocalyptic "What if...Wolverine had led the X-Men" story.

Butterflies and Their Fates by Adam Bourret
Kwanna meets Betsy for the first time in Britian, long before Betsy even met the X-Men.

Just Like Old Times by Jason Lewan
A few things are cleared up in the Excalibur time line.

Just Lucky I Guess by DDuAnn Cowart
Cable has women trouble, Domino and Storm, lucky guy!

Lost Cries by Jason Lewan
Excalibur splits its remaining members up to find one of its lost members, Kitty Pryde. Plus other members experiance their own adventures.

Mind Over Matter by Liz Roth
Wolverine #100 ended in tragedy. In this version of the Marvel Universe, Elektra stayed dead and Yawnslaught never awoke. Here Logan faced the darkness with only one glimmer of hope...

My Blue Eyed Girl by Jason Lewan
Features the return of some old Excalibur villians and the return of some friends. Ties up some loose ends, introduces the new Illyana, Margali makes an appearance along with...Pete vs. Kitty?

Return to Aberlie by Supereub X
After an all out war against the forces they have definately underestimated 4 X-Men are transported into a way too familier mystical land, now he is lost, freezing and near death, but Remy must find someway to find his friends in a land that he once thought was a dream. Sequel to Mystic Shores

Revelations by Chrissy Votulle
A new character is revealed to have some unexpected relations to some of the X-Men.

Oh Please Save Us by Davide Briganti
A humor/parady story out of the Renegade time line.

Strange and Hidden Faces by Adam Bourret
A character examination of why Archangel is such as whinny ass about his metal wings.

Stranger in a Strange Land by Constance Jean Desselle
What would you do if you were suddenly flung into the Marvel Universe? Ask questions? Fix bad writing and characterization? All this and, plus adventure, intrique and the church of Ellis can be found in this story (well sooner or later).

SC-What Happens Now? Musings of a Character by Admiral Draala
A new chapter the Subreality Cafe series.
You can visit the Subreality Cafe

Temporal Distortion by Geoff Jones
A kind of anti-Summers story line that, like most other story lines involves time travel. Unlike Marvel, the continuity should work out in the end.
Note: when e-mailing author please put Geoff Jones in the subject box.

To Burn Out or Fade Away by Robert Coakley
Franklin Richards meets baby Rachel and copes with his lack of a future.

Tribute: Gene Potential by Geoff Jones
A story about the impact of the death of an X-Man on the team.
Note: when e-mailing author please put Geoff Jones in the subject box.

X-Force: Shattered Perceptions by Tim Frankovich
Shatterstar is taken to Mojoverse and X-Force is hot on his trail.

X-Leap by Marty Blase
Sam Beckett leaps into the body of Charles Xavier durning LegionQuest.

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