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My Friend Ed

My Friend Ed

This page is about my friend Ed, Who is a U.S Marine. He was Stationed in Okinawa, Japan and is now in Sandy Utah. Ed has sent me many pictures from Okinawa and that is how this page started out. It was a way to share them with others. At Christmas Ed sent me a forward through e-mail with a version of "T'was The Night Before Christmas" that I found very touching. I will be leaving it up, as I think we should always remember the people who protect us.

Well Ed is in Utah and has sent me some beautiful pictures take a look.
Ed is a Great Friend that I have yet to have the pleasure of meeting in person, But He is one of my BEST FRIENDS!!

Have A Safe Trip Ed.

A Little More About Ed

There is so much that could be said about Ed. He is one of the biggest Journey fans the I have ever known. He love the outdoors,fishing,camping and all that kind of stuff.
I had the great pleasure of talking to Ed's Dad via e-mail sometime ago and from these e-mails I can see where Ed gets his kind and caring ways. I was given permition to share with you this picture that was taken at Christmas time a few years ago while Ed was home on leave from Japan.

Pictures From Utah

This is a picture of Ed's Work.

The view to the east just outside Ed's office Eastview

This is the view to the West

I could get use to waking up and seeing this view every morning The mountians

Ed's Wall of Fame in his Office The Wall

Pictures From Japan

This is a picture of Ed hard at Work.

This is the Okinawa Expressway near Camp Hansen, Exit 8. Okinawa Expressway

This is the view over Kin Bay looking at Ishikawa Ishikawa

This is the view over Kin Bay near Camp Hansen Kin Bay

This is the Pistol Range at Camp Hansen The Pistol Range

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