Underground Tales

Issue Number: 1
Publisher: Artful Salamander
Release Date: March 1999
Price: £1 -- $2

Writers: PPP, Petr Sadecky, Stuart Taylor, John A Short

Artists: PPP, John A Short, Dave Roberts, Craig John & others

The first Octobriana magazine which collects material spanning the character's three decades years of life. The chapter from the original Octobriana & The Russian Underground book by Petr Sadecky about the creation of Octobriana by PPP (Progressive Political Pornography) during the 1960s is represented here. Also, one of the original PPP Octobriana strips -- The Living Sphinx Of The Kamchatka Radioactive Volcano -- is presented in a modern-day comic strip format.

The four-page Legend Of Octobriana strip from Octobriana 0 is remastered here; as well as the Filling In The Blanks interlude strip, Sleep To Dream; and 'Made In America', the little-known strip which pitted Octobriana against the Armageddon Patrol's Maiden America in Vietnam.

Luther Arkwright creator, Bryan Talbot, provides an introduction as well as the front cover (actual cover not shown above). Octobriana: Underground Tales is a 44-page, black and white, limited-edition magazine, originally published to coincide with the UK's first comics festival, COMICS 99.