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This space is here for people with MSIE/Netscape 4 so that they can still read all of the page without the flickering geocities brand getting in the way. Please contact GeoCities (GeoCities Comment Submission Form) about the watermark to tell them what you think.



Because I don't pay money for this page and GeoCities (Free Home Pages) attaches pop-up advertisements on any GeoPage without the GeoGuide, I am compelled to choose the lesser of the two evils and install the GeoGuide with its advertisements below, over which I have NO control.
It has recently been brought to my attention that some of you are seeing an annoying and flickering geocities brand at the bottom right hand corner of all GeoPages. Again, I have NO control over any of these GeoCities advertisements. They are the cost of having GeoCities host the pages. If you have any comments about any of these advertisement ploys, please direct them to GeoCities (GeoCities Comment Submission Form).