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    “Half-It” is a variety of cricket and has been around for a while. The boys at Flaming Moe’s had never heard of it until Simon came on the scene. The game he explained sounded great but missed something that was quickly amended by the darts shooters of Flaming Moe’s – “The Wager”.

The loser (or two lowest shooters depending on the numbers of players) pays for a round of shots, or spirits. Being such gentleman sportsmen at Flaming Moe’s - the looser chooses which spirit is poured. Half-It is a great game for a group of players - all playing - no waiting.
    Every player starts off with 40 points, adding whatever number of points you score per frame. The 20 frame shot first and going down in the order on the scoreboard. If you miss the 20 with all three darts, your score is divided in half (round up for odd numbers). The lowest score you can halve down to is one point, staying on one point until you finally hit something to add to that score. This is know as a "Jayke". The person with the most points after the bulls is the winner.

20 - 19 - T (any treble) - 18 - D (any double) - 17 - 3C (three different colors of the four colors on the board) - 16 - 3B (three in a bed, same frame) - 15 - B (bulls eye either inner or outer ring).
    Remember one single is much better than halving your score. Most players have the hardest time with the three different colors frame. Half-It really gives shooters of different playing levels an even chance of winning.     




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