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The Sentinels Of Justice Tactical Command is currently recruiting pilots from ALL RACES  and ALL PROFESSIONS for PVP, combat support, industrial development, mining, R & D, alliance development and other important roles. 

SOJTC is a professionally run Eve Corporation managed by a CEO who is also a United States military officer.  Eve-Online has so much depth and is so multifaceted, that it even appeals to professionals of all ages around the world.



* Conduct anti-pirate patrols in low security space from .4 to 0.0 space on a regular basis around the Devoid region of Eve.

* Organize and conduct regular mining, mission-running and ratting operations throughout the region, particularly in .4 to 0.0 security space.  Much of this is organized between individual pilots or on their own as they see fit.

* Develop a regional security alliance dedicated to not only SOJTCís goals but to maintaining regional integrity, and fielding combat pilots when pirates intrude.

* Once BLACK OPS Battleships are introduced, we will begin conducting regular anti-pirate operations into deep space around Eve. This mobile strike force will be our primary method for conducting operations in most instances, except for regional defense and ally assistance.

* Our POSís are available for manufacturing, research, development and economic development for profit.

* Aggressive Anti-Pirate Operations outside of our regular Area of Operations as opportunity presents itself. 

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Like King Leonides, from the movie
The 300, SOJTCís collective goal is to see that justice prevails and that galactic tyranny is wiped out everywhere in Eve despite any odds we may face.
 Imperator Ceasar, CEO


1) SOJTC seeks to maintain neutrality where territory disputes and war-decís are concerned;

2) SOJTC will participate in gate camps targeting Pirates, war-decíd organizations and aggressor Corporations that threaten Devoid based allies and terrirory;

3) SOJTC conducts low-sec
and 0.0 space operations, therefore we reserve the right to attack non-allied pilots
IN 0.0 SPACE ONLY, to prevent attacks upon fleet members;

4) SOJTC and/or affiliated corporations will seek to engage in diplomacy before an operation begins in order to establish and maintain good relations with certain alliances and corporations;

5) SOJTC is anti-BoB and we will cooperate with virtually any corporation and/or alliance when SOJTC combat regiments are requested to assist in repelling any BoB insurgencies.



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