The following pages are simply the electronic impression of me. It is not a full 3D image of me merely a 1D impression that I leave behind after I visit.

Scripts I wrote, links I use, the standard resume that paints me in a neat little shape that companies can use to see if I fit into their box, and a page of rambelings. That's all. Most will be of little interest to anyone. It's just my cyber graffiti, my mark to say I was here. My sattelite with "hello" recorded in every language I know and sent out in to cybespace to see if anyone responds.

You say you don't like my pages, they are lame, useless, boring, drab, etc? Get over it. A click of the mouse I'm miles behind, a flick of the switch and I'm gone forever. This is merely my collection of 1s and 0s aligned in my image, a bunch of bits flipped this way and that. Nothing more, nothing less.

Don't get me wrong, I hope you like what you find, or at least find it interesting. But, I will not care if you don't. I will not loose any sleep worrying about it. This is why I love the UNIX OS. It does not spend it's time or resources trying to look pretty, it is a work horse. It is happy to run a graphical interface, and just as happy not too. It does'nt lower itself just to make your life easier, by putting pretty buttons and graphics in front of everything. It does not try to protect someone from their own ignorance by restricting access to the really powerful insides, it opens itself, and says come if you dare. It is UNIX, it is powerful, IT IS GOOD!