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When you logged on the internet you thought that today was going to be a normal day, untill you found out about SOLDIERS OF THE FORCE!
If you were used to losing battles and losing a small bit of dignity, well come here because we can turn that all around for you!
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Mad Hatter

The final countdown starts for you!
                   Latest Updates

Ok, we have a new website, click here to go to it. I won't be doing the update on this one though but feel free to e-mail me if you want to join!

We have a new allie! They are friends of mine so if you see them in a game they are partners lol. Also Me, {N.V.A} Sio, {N.V.A} Clan Admin{Kyle} and {N.V.A}Ak-47 are making a mod e-mail the N.V.A. clan here or e-mail me here if you are intrested in helping us.

Battlefield Vietnam is out!!! in the USA anyway. I have put a new theme on it, can you guess? or not, it is not working.

Right, I am trying to make this clan all battlefield 1942 and battlefield vietnam (until farcry comes out). We are also letting people join up. If you are good then it is possible to go straight up to the rank of "knight". If you need some training then me (master smithson) or mad hatter will help and train you. We also have a new way to join. I have put a "join" button up top, so press that to join out clan!

Hi all, we have a new member. His name is [SotF] Nexus 162. We are changing the games again to. We play battlefield 1942 + the desert combat mod. We might also play some half life mods such as counter strike, day of defeat and team fortress. When it comes out we will be playing Farcry as well.

I have put a new theme on, can you guess what it is...