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Balance your Imbalance"

  Jonathan Goldman's professional interests include all aspects of Bookkeeping; Accounts; Compliance; Computer Consultancy; and Accounts Software Consultancy; Forensic and Other Investigations. He is also a Freelance Computer Virus Consultant.

"Let SOLICAID Balance your Imbalance."

For whatever reason your business has an "Imbalance" whether you are a Sole Trader, Partnership, Limited Company, Solicitor or Accountant anywhere in the UK -- then SOLICAID can provide a Solution either through the Services of its founder, Jonathan Goldman, an Accountant qualified by experience, or by directing your attention to its Associates connected through the "Link" to the WebRings attached to this site.

The "Imbalance" may be in your Accounts Department, Administration Systems, Internal Controls, Management Structures, Computer Systems, Computer Software, Computer Failures, or Computer Virus Warnings.

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