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Stupidity poll:
Vote in my pole of the most stupid cartoon characters ever!!!!.....!
My Movies:
A few ideas of a few movies I came up with myself, some of which are based on computer games.

My Poem:
A little poem I made up based on playing computer games.


Welcome to my world of computer games, music and TV....mostly computer games.

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As you've probably guessed by now,
my life revolves around my  , Stereo,  player, VCR and my  consoles.

I'm an Australian, though I'm not very patriotic


I don't know how those GIFs got there! Honest!

Here is a few pictures to laugh your ass off at!:


Just in case you are wondering, I DO support the use of marijuana.....but I DON'T support the abuse of it!

I'm a student at Swinburne university of technology

but mostly I just goof around


I have made two sites so far:
Soul Reaver Central

Rollcage Stage II H.Q.

If you can't go to those two sites try my old home page:
I have links to their old URLs on my old homepage:-)

plus I am currently designing a third site on R-Type Delta, but it's not up yet :-(
(knowing my apathy, it'll probably never will be up....this decade)
when it does go up the link will be right here ;-)

But in the meantime you can visit
The Official R-Type Delta Site



Click Norbie and Daggett here to follow them to my computer games character hall of fame,
my page dedicated to my favorite computer games characters.

My Computer Games Character Hall Of Fame

Click on this Shadowrun logo to go to my Links page

I didn't know how else to use this pic on my site, it's pretty cool huh?

I also have a page full of cheats for games that I have:
Abe's Exoddus / Abe's Oddysee / Alien trilogy  / Alien Vs Predator  / Altered Beast  / Apocalypse  / Blitter Boy /
Blood Omen 2 / Bomberman 64 / Bubsy in Claws encounter of the furred kind  / Crash Bandicoot / Defiance / Destruction Derby 2 /
Destruction Derby Raw /
Duke Nukem 64  / Earthworm Jim 2  / Extreme Pinball / Fluid / Halo /
Haunting: Starring Paulterguy  / Jak and Daxter / Jak 2: Renegade / Loaded  / Marvel Vs Capcom / Marvel Vs Capcom 2 /
Metal Gear Solid / Mortal Kombat 2  / Mortal Kombat 4 / Mortal Kombat 5 / Mortal Kombat Mythologies: SUB-ZERO  /
Mortal Kombat Trilogy  / Munch's Oddysee / Music /
Music 2000 / Pinball Power / Playstation memory files restoration / Pro Pinball: Big Race USA / Pro Pinball: The Web /
Ratchet and Clank / Ratchet and Clank 2 / Re-Loaded / Ren and Stimpy Time Warp / Revolution X / Rollcage /
Rollcage Stage 2 / R-Type Delta  / Silent Hill / Sonic Adventure / Sonic Adventure 2 / Sonic Heroes /
Sonic The Hedgehog  / Sonic The Hedgehog 2  / Sonic The Hedgehog 3  / Sonic and Knuckles / Soul Reaver /
Soul Reaver 2 / South Park: Chef's Luv Shack / Street Fighter Alpha / Super Mario Brothers  / Super Mario Brothers 3  /
The Lawnmower Man  / Trickstyle / Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 / Vigilante 8  /
Wipeout 2097 / Wipeout 3
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Check out my yahoo profile by clicking here:
To view anyones yahoo profile, if that have a yahoo email that is, just replace my name, solidbat, with theirs!
And do the same to see thier homepage.

You are loosing things from the picture in wide-screen mode, and I can prove it:
In the full-screen version of Terminator 2, in the scene where the T-1000 gets into the cop car
and types on a computer type thingy, it says at the bottom of the screen "Connor on active"
In the wide-screen version you can just bearly make out the top millimeter of the words "on active"
for about a nannosecond before it cuts to the next scene.
In The full-screen version of The Matrix, in the scene where Neo is signing for a pakage from FedEx,
for a brief second you see a hand in the background holding something down on the desk behind him.
In the wide-screen version you don't see that.
In the wide-screen version of the South Park movie, in the scene where the kids are in school singing Unkle fucker
Wendy Testaburger, Stan Marsh's girlfriend, is on the left part of the screen not singing.
You don't see Wendy in the full-screen version.
In conclusion
you both loose and gain parts of the picture either way:
I      I                         I       I
     I                         I      I
The RED represents full-screen and
BLUE is wide-screen

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Oh, and just for laughs. Here's my picture of a woman:
( . )( . )
  )  .  (
(   Y   )