C. Wright Mills On Moral Uneasiness

"The moral uneasiness of our time results from the fact that older values of uprightness no longer grip the men and women of the corporate era, nor have they been replaced by new values and codes which would lend moral meaning and sanction to the corporate routines they must follow. It is not that the mass public has explicitly rejected received codes; it is rather that to many of the members these codes have become hollow. No moral terms of acceptance are available, but neither are any moral terms of rejection. As individuals they are morally defenseless; as groups, they are politically indifferent. It is this generalized lack of commitment that is meant when it is said that 'the public' is morally confused."

C. Wright Mills, The Power Elite, (New York: Oxford University Press, 1956; rpt. OUP paperback, 1959), p. 344.

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