The Old Man of the Sea and Tax Reform
When you get the Old Man of the Sea how are you going to liquidate him?
I suggest that you take matters into your own hands.
Do not expect anyone else to do something about what is going on.
Take full responsibility yourself.
You find yourself in a certain situation. What can you do, what should you do, what must you do to remedy it?
Every great movement, even the little waves, are started by someone who realized that if anything was going to be done it was up to them.
Great men are little men who did something, something that counted.
Think before you act. Think hard, then act. Do something constructive, something that will help yourself, and others. Have someone specific in mind, your children, grandchildren, the little lady down the block . . . What you do for one will help many, but it is hard to picture the many.
The burning question today is how shall we extend freedom. Freedom, not license. This includes freedom from undue taxation. It includes freedom to defend yourself from those who would harm you. Freedom to do right, and freedom to battle wrong.
No one can give you this freedom, you must find it for yourself, and few there are who make the strange discovery of freedom, true freedom. Freedom is not choice, but the right choice. Freedom is to choose, not "what is good for me?" but "what is good?"
Choose well.

Let your choice be to liquidate the Old Man of the Sea. You need not Pharoah as your taskmaster. Let us do what we can to lighten the taxburden on ourselves and future generations.


What Your Taxes Built.
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