Welcome to our Committee page! We members of the Sisters of Love and Peace Greeting Committee have one of the BEST jobs around...visiting all the new Sisters to the group and making them feel as warmly welcomed as possible, as well as visiting special occasion pages such as birthdays, anniversaries, secret sisters, memorials...etc. It's truly a wonderful feeling making another Sister feel special, and it's a job that us Greeting Committee members take GREAT pride and pleasure in. *GRIN*

This is done by visiting each of the sites and signing guestbooks, and/or by sending an e-mail or cybercard just to let them know that we care and are glad to have them in our wonderful SOLP family! We also assist in steering new Sisters to the right resources in our group, should they have any questions or need help with anything at all...because that's what Sisters are for!

If you're interested in joining our Committee, we'd LOVE to have you! Please click on the graphic below to fill out the application form, which will be sent to our Committee Leaders...and we'll take care of the rest! Also, click on the links below for our current Greeting Committee members homepage and e-mail address listing, and to select your logo if you do choose to join us!

Greeting Committee President: ~Sherry~
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Greeting Committee Vice President: ~Patti~
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Greeting Manager: ~Yava~
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