Since our founding in 1997, Solution has become one of the leading build-to-order PC assembling, selling, servicing and distribute in the AHMEDABAD.

Like other suppliers, we talk about quality, but-more important-we take steps to provide quality that is measurably higher, a cut above the competition.

This sounds simple, but it requires complex systems of control, zero tolerance for defects, and an attitude of total service to the people who matter most-our customers.

There are the components of OUR system of business, home and personal!

Quality People
Solution quality starts with our self experience and empowered to provide the highest level of support.

Quality products
Solution products are developed using the best components, the most advanced quality control processes, and a highly experienced technical staff. Visit our products page for online spec-sheets and technical specifications.

Quality Service
At Solution, everything we do revolves around you and your needs. Our geographic expansions get us closer, Our partner link brings critical information to you faster, and our knowledgeable representatives make every aspect of doing business with solution easier.

Solution Efficiency
With most advanced distribution systems, tools, and technologies, solution offers 24 hour turnaround. That means top quality products are in your hands fast.

A Reliable Partner
Better pricing, faster delivery, flexible credit options, exceptional technical support, and easy RMAs are just a few of the ways Solution has become a favorite supplier for VARs, resellers, system integrators, and corporate OEM across the AHMEDABAD. The bottom line solution provides the best value by saving you time and money.

I.T. Solutions invites you to the world of web and multimedia design and development. The boundless potential of the internet will be brought to life through the best of our ideas and the storm of our creativity.

We at I.T. Solutions are in to Hosting websites too. Once the websites is designed and Domain name is registered, you require to host your website on the web servers. At this moment of time we deliver certain amount of space on the Internet on clients requirement. Once the website is hosted on the Internet, it is ready to view by everyone on Internet.

Web Designing
To when the world is marching towards 22nd  century, one needs to have global presences. And we @ I.T. Solutions have very fine and up-to-date infrastructure to meet your requirements. We are fully equipped with latest development tools and manpower to help your website have your company's identity. After the domain is registered, one can go ahead and start designing the web pages for the site. We design websites after studying your industry, analyze your company and then make a professional website as per budget, which carry text, animations, graphics, data and many other things as required. Which infects helps you to create a better online presence.