Hello, my name is Soma Iddrissu and you are welcome to my African Star Shop. Here you can buy drums, neclaces, xylophones, CD's of my music and many other African handicrafts & instruments.

You can visit my shop in the Arts Centre, Accra, Ghana. If you are not able to come to Ghana, you can also order any products from me by email and I will send them to you.


Soma Iddrissu
P.O. Box 334, Arts Centre
Ghana / West Africa

Telephone: +233-(0)244-180765

Email: somaidrissu@yahoo.com

I am also the founder of African Star Traditional Music Group. It is aiming to
  • propagate and promote cultural heritage of traditional music and dance.
  • promote peace, love and harmony among our citizens
  • portray our repertoire toward developments in our area and the city as a whole
  • embark on extensive tours abroad in promotion of our cultural heritage to the whole world

If you want to co-operate or ask more information about the group, you can send email to africanstar2002@yahoo.com  
Traditinal African music with drums, xylophones, flutes and singing.
Neclaces made of curries
Djembe drums in different sizes and designs.
I also give drum, xylophone and flute lessons in Arts Centre