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Cultural Glimpses of India 2006
2006 Glimpses of India
India Association of Tallahassee Annual Event
Saturday, November 18, 2006, 4-8 PM, Chiles High School Auditorium
Tallahassee, Florida, USA
Punishing the Fraud, Comedy Tamil Drama

    The important annual event for India Association of Tallahassee (IATLH) is the Cultural Glimpses of India and this year's event was celebrated on Saturday, November 18, 2006 in Chiles High School Auditorium between 4:00 and 8:00 PM. The Glimpses show cases the talents of Indian Americans living in and aroundTallahassee including the students and faculty of Florida State and Floria A&M universities.
    For this year's Glimpses our entry was a Tamil drama.
Eight kids, six to thirteen in age, performed a comedy Tamil drama originally written by Mr. K. Nallasivam and adopted by Bhanu and me to include portions and synopsis in English. The drama is set in a small town in Tamil Nadu, where a fraudster pretends to be a doctor.  He and his assistant team-up to con the public, instead of helping the patients. The duo is interested in making a quick buck. But as money starts to flow, they start to quarrel with each other for a bigger share of the pie. So the fraudster hires a hit-man to beat up his assistant. Meanwhile, a detective in disguise and his deputies arrive in town looking for an escaped convict but run into the fake doctor and end up staying at his clinic. When the hit-man (whom the detective is looking for) arrives at the clinic to beat up the doctor's assistant he gets caught. He then implicates the doctor. On hearing all the commotion the doctor and assistant arrive at the scene and get caught red-handed. The drama ends with the moral, 'Fraud get punished'.
    All the kids performed remarkably well in front of live audience of about thousand. They all learned the script which was mostly in Tamil and all then spoke fluently and using their own version rather than what we told them. They handled the microphones well and adjusted to the huge stage even though we rehearsed only once (with out microphones).
    We are very proud of their performance. Several people in the audience agreed as well.
-Thayumanasamy & Gnanabhanu Somasundara, Tallahassee, FL, USA. Nov. 18, 2006.
2006-11-20 22:02:07 GMT