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Hi! Welcome.  I am dedicating this page to my little angel babies.  They have Serenity.  I grieved for years, but have now learned to live with my angels.  I practice meditation, yoga, visualizations, prayer, and positive thinking.  I am learning to contact my angels to learn God's will for us all.
I believe if you can imagine it, you can make it happen.  I practice and teach the art of visual imagery through meditation.  I study psychology, philosophy, and theology.  Writing, art, and photography are my hobbies.  I love music - it is my therapy.
    My Angels
My precious angel babies were what there were of my real family.  Now my family is God and the Angels.  I have helped to raise several other children who are all like my own.  They are the living angels who brought me joy through the years.  Hugs, and sticky kisses.  Crayon pictures on the fridge, and cartoons on the tv. Love to all my children.