Things will change here with time. This was created on the 4th day of 2002 at around 17:00 GMT remotely from a physical space called Walldorf in Germany. My origin is Calcutta in India but I have been travelling a bit over the past few years. I have been to France (Paris), Germany (Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Mannheim, Black Forest), Thailand (Bangkok), United States, Canada (Toronto and Hamilton) and Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Baroda, Kymore (near Jabalpore) in India. When this site was created I was working in Germany, Europe at SAP. Currently I am working with Tata Consultancy Services on a SCM project in Indianapolis, US. I did my studies from South Point High School, graduation in engineering from Jadavpur University, Calcutta and worked for Larsen & Toubro before getting in to Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. In the last 15 months or so being in US, I have covered a number of places like New York, Niagara Falls, Buffalo, Washington DC, Baltimore, Vermont, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Death Valley, San Francisco, Los Anegeles, Hollywood, San Diego, Pittsburg, New Haven, New Port, New Jersey shore points including Cape May. I like to drive and visit places during the weekends. till now I have been to 14 states out of the 50, namely New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, DC, Virginia, Illinois, Wisconsin, Vermont, Massachussets, Nevada, Arizona, California. The latest addition has been Rhode Island.

It has been a long time since this webpage has been updated. By now I have increased the count of states visited to 22 with the inclusion of Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Missouri, Maryland, Utah, Montana, Wyoming.
This year I visited a number of National Parks namely Mammoth Caves in Kentucky, Indiana Dunes in Indiana, Zion & Kolab Canyon and Bryce Canyon in Utah, Grand Canyon in Arizona, Yellowstone & Grand Teton in Wyoming.

This site is not intended to be a daily blog neither is it intended to be updated daily. If you are interested in such sites I suggest Anand's which I visit regularly. More than anything this site will be my favourites - I hate to update my favourites between my office computer and my laptop. Since I am also interested in photography selected photos will be put up. See here photos of New York taken with my new SONY digital camcorder.

I have now acquired a digital camera Olympus C-750 UZ which has already been put to good use.

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