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SonAra Mares
SonAra Mares

Our foundation mare, Woodlo's Top Cat & her filly, SonAra's Bonnie Rose. This mare started the Shetland line at SonAra Acres.

SonAra's Cracklin' Rose
#147248A Filly
Dam: SonAra's April Rose Cat
Sire: SonAra's "Medicine Hat" Rockie

SonAra's Sugar Candy
#147246A Filly
Dam: Red Rock Kid's Sugar Babe
Sire: King's Dicky Doo VB

Two of our top mares, SonAra's Dollie Rose (left) and SonAra's Bint Top Cat (right). Featuring "Pockets", a King's Dicky Doo son.

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