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Just Say ĎNoí to Fresh Spinach
by Susan Mitchell @ 3:00 am. Filed under Health, Men's Health, Psychology & Mental Health, ThirdAge Voices, Aging, Diet & Nutrition, Weight Loss, Joints and Bone Health, Body Wellness, Stress
Until The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has determined the source of the bacterial contamination and gives the OK for consumption once again. If you havenít heard the alertóE. coli bacteria has been found in fresh packaged spinach. PURGE your refrigerator of any fresh spinach if you havenít already. This includes spinach that might be mixed in with other greens as well. If you have already consumed part of a bag, throw the rest away as a safety precaution. You cannot see or smell E. coli bacteria and would not know itís there until you become ill. To date, frozen spinach is not included in this alert.


Although boiling fresh spinach would likely kill the bacteria, the FDA has recommended against this and suggests disposing of all fresh spinach.