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Made Me Glad (Eb)
"I will bless the Lord forever"

Magnificent (G)
"Who compares to You"

Make A Difference (G)

"Won't you Lord, take a look at our hands"

Make A Way (D)

"There is sound of great rejoicing before the Lord"

Meet With You (E)
"Be still and know that You are God"

Mercy is Falling (D)
"Mercy is falling, is falling, is falling"

Message Of The Cross (G)
"This is the message of the cross, that we can be free."

More Precious than Silver (G)

"Lord, You are more precious than silver"

More than Enough (C)
"Jehovah Jireh, my Provider, You are more than enough for me"

More than Life (G)
"Stand by everything youíve said"

My King (G)
"I will bless You Lord, my Saviour I worship You"

My Redeemer Lives (E)
"I know He Rescued my soul, His Blood covered my sin"

Need You in my life (B)
"I once was lost but You found me, and now Iím free"

No Higher Calling (A)
"Down at Your feet O Lord, is the most high place"

Nothing Separates Us (G)

"Love so amazing so divine"

Now That You're Near (E)
"I stand before You Lord, And give You all my praise"

O Lamb of God (D)
"O Lamb of God who was slain, Your blood was shed for me"

O worship the king (D)
"O worship  the King All glorious above"

One Day (A)
"More than I can hope or dream of, You have poured Your favour on me"

One Desire (E)
"You gave it all for me"

One Thing(D-E)
"Lord itís You, Youíre the precious one of heaven so holy"

Open The Eyes Of My Heart (E)
"Open the eyes of my heart Lord, Open the eyes of my heart"

Open up the gates (A)
"We come into this holy place"

The Potter's Hand (G)
"Beautiful Lord, wonderful Saviour"

Overwhelmed (D)
"I will lift my voice, give Your glory for Your name is great"

Perfect King (G)
"Iíve come to love You"

Pour Over Me (D)
"Your love, shining like the sun"

Power Of Your Love (G)
"Lord, I come to You, Let my heart be changed, renewed"

Praise Him (Db)
"Lookiní out my window, I see the trees blowing in the breeze"

Reaching For You (C)
"I canít believe the way Your love has got a hold on me"

Reflector (A)
"Since I found Your love"

Running After You (A)
"Your Word is a light unto my path"

Salvation Belongs to our God (G)
"Salvation Belongs to our God"

Salvation is here (B)
"God above all the world in motion"

Saving Grace (E)
"Night and day I seek Your face"

Shout To The Lord (A)
"My Jesus, my saviour, Lord there is none like You"

Shout to the North (F)
"Men of faith rise up and sing"

Sing of Your Great Love(E)
"All that is within me Lord will bless Your holy name"

So Amazing(B)
"This love You have for me, It goes beyond my wildest dreams"

Something Beautiful (E)
"Something beautiful, something good"

So You Would Come (C)
"Before the world began, you were on his mind"

Spirit, Touch Your Church (G)
"Lord, we need Your grace and mercy"

Still (C)
?"Hide me now, under Your wings"

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