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Have you visited a museum, read a book Book, looked at a painting,Pastorale, or contemplated nature lately Rose?
Carpe diem

This website is dedicated to lovers of literature and poetry, to lovers of science, to lovers of nature, and to lovers pure and simple. Over the years I have spent countless hours in the pursuit of the beauty of love and the beauty of nature as it unfolds to us in the world of science. I have tried to capture the wonders of life as they manifest themselves in our emotions and our intellect.

You will find here not only love poetry but issues on pharmacology and medicine as well as my thoughts about and translations of Nguyen Du, a poet who dominates Vietnamese classical literature for all time. More to come in the days ahead. Keep coming back to visit this site, made for all of us regardless of background of any kind, for you will find yourself here and the rest of us in a common bond of humanity.

All introductory material referring to me in the third person was authored by Professor Thomas D. Le, whose website has hosted my home page during a period of transition, a gracious gesture for which I am indebted to him. I keep the introductions as he had written them as a token of my appreciation.

I hope you will find on this site moments of joy and happiness that we all cherish in the midst of a humdrum life.

Sng Vit-m Giang

Sng Vit-m Giang, a most delightful blend of poetic temperament and scientific rigor, graces this site with two sets of seemingly incompatible lifelong pursuits.

As a lyrical and sentimental poet, Song Viet Dam Giang speaks to beauty, charm, and romance. Hers is a poetry of love and of deep-seated emotions spoken in an idiom of grace and elegance.

Sng Vit-m Giang lives in the American Mid-South, and as a clinical staff pharmacist at a teaching hospital, works closely with physicians on medication and pharmacological issues.

dot Song Viet's Literary Works
Under this rubric is Song Viet Dam Giang's world of literature ranging from classical to modern Vietnamese works.

dot Song Viet's Poetry
This is Song Viet Dam Giang's world of poetry, which establishes her identity as a poet of love, whose charming works are a regular feature in the Vietnamese Pharmacists Forum and Web site, and the Vietnamese Medical Jounal Y Te.

dot  Song Viet's Science Writings
Song Viet Dam Giang's long list of articles on drugs and pharmacology testifies to an active and critical mind, which is another aspect of her extraordinary versatility. Sóng Viêt-Ðàm Giang 's professional writings are a great resource for her community.

dot Sóng Viêt-Ðàm Giang 's travel writings are a great source of personal reminiscences and thoughts..

dot Song Viet's Music World and Fiction
Some of her poems have so inspired a group of musicians that they set them to music.
.So drop everything and fly to Song Viet's World of Music.

Other fiction works also are featured.

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