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Convent of Jesus and Mary,
Pindi Point,

You cant be a true conventarian and not wake up having Sister Clotilda’s 6am bell ring in ur ears many years after graduating from CJM. Its not easy to put those memories behind. They weren’t memories,they were those little particles of dust on the ground that one day were embedded into the brick that formed the foundation of some monumental building.

Many, many, years later you would still be able to smell the convent,taste the school toffee,crave Sister Marie Rose's chocolate fudge and listen to the sound of that commanding angeles bell. On occasions, you might even feel the fear that you felt during proclamation or on the way to Sister Berchmans,Sister Viany,Sister Andrew's or simply the principals office. And any time you would find urself in a gray, thick fogged, cold, environment the convent is probably the first memory that hits your mind. The convent was not an experience. It was a life. A life which you despise while you’re living it but miss when the real world engulfs you. Many years later,you will want to have the strongest connection to that life again and will talk about it proudly with the fondest of memories.

This site is truly dedicated to those very important years that I spent in the convent. Its those "7 years at pindi point". But thats not all. Its also the link to all the conventarians which share this foundation with me. I truly wish I could squeeze in everyone’s names from as far back as I remember and even before. But hey, if you access this site and would like ur name or someone else’s here plz feel free to email me with ur contact and any pictures or anything that you would like to put in. I cannot promise to have everything here in one web page, but ill try my best to cover that which is most important and unforgettable.

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